Tom Herman Thinks Bru McCoy Will Play Next Season

Texas officially included former USC wide receiver Bru McCoy in its recruiting class today. Longhorns coach Tom Herman said he believes McCoy will receive a waiver and be eligible next season.

“I applaud his courageousness,” Herman said. “He’s obviously a convicted guy to do what he did. He showed me a lot of fortitude . He’s a mismatch on the field.”


15 thoughts on “Tom Herman Thinks Bru McCoy Will Play Next Season

  1. Who cares about that Texas kid? Honestly he didn’t have the eggs to hang with change and we should not even give him the time to write his name. His parents shortened it for him or someone named him after their favorite libation.
    Most kids who skip off from USC wind up as has beens or incarcerated. I’m expecting the latter because he cannot keep his word.
    There’s nothing to see here let’s move on.


    1. Yeah that ‘may’ have been true some 4 decades ago but in 2019 – with this truly incompetent overpaid, sap as our head coach why would anyone with talent want to come to USC? We all know Helton is a disaster and also that barring a 13 – 0 record into the ‘NC’ playoffs – he’s gone by this coming November and should have been gone last November.

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    1. The early signing in December dilutes what used to be the importance of the February day. But on the other hand, the rank is certainly lower than in previous years (e.g. 2015).

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  2. I’m happy for Bru McCoy, he’s done his research, and came to the conclusion that Tom Herman, and his Texas program are on the rise . As oppose to Bozo, Clueless Clay Helton, who’s thrown the USC football program in reverse from where Steve Sarkisian left it. I’m looking forward to the first six games of the season, because the honeymoon schedule is finally over for Bozo


  3. Wait’ll the California Kids get a taste of the four seasons in the south.

    Floods in the spring
    100f & 100% humidity in the summer
    Ice & hail storms in the winter
    Hurricanes in the fall

    Cross burnings year around.


    1. Really? This your ‘grandma has to eat dog food’ or ‘homeless sleeping on subway grates’ myths that white-bread clowns like yourself gleefully hurl with no facts save what the DNC spoonfed your elitist back end?

      How about instead marxist-leninist bolsheviks denying any view but there own with violence that Alameda County has crafted and honed for 5+ decades?

      The left is what they’ve always been – anti-semitic, socialist, anti-Catholic…move to Venezuela ‘cal boy’.

      The south is the backbone of this nation – it provides more military personnel than the rest of America combined – it is the shield we are all covered by.

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  4. Hey Rusoviet n Cal75:
    The only other intense dispute and feud that I can think of that might surpass yours is the “Civil War” in our country regarding slavery…


    1. DrJ,
      I wasn’t knockin the South. Soviet’s been hittin the hooch.

      A little of the South’s weather goes a long way. That was my point.

      These 18yr olds who think that they need to go to TX or Bama & will automatically end up in the NFL are listening to these Southern Coaches blow smoke up their ass.

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      1. Cal75:No worries, I know where you were coming from. In the same breath, I know that some people are very protective of their territory and/or stomping grounds like rusoviet. Going back to good old Rodney King: Can’t we all just get along?


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