Clay Helton Is Something Else (Again)

USC is drowning after a 5-7 season and doesn’t seem like it has made significant changes to the program.

So my tolerance for Clay Helton’s mushy quotes is low. Here is what he said today about wide receiver Bru McCoy, who transferred to Texas.

“I can say this about him, he loved his time here at USC. He loved his teammates. The personal relationship I’ll have with that young man will be for a lifetime with him and his family . . . It ended on really, really good times and that relationship will last a lifetime.”


27 thoughts on “Clay Helton Is Something Else (Again)

  1. When a person keeps saying silly THINGS like that it’s difficult not to take HIM as silly. Everybody who has ever managed a large group knows that there’s always one mid level manager who gets off on looking like the guy in the billboard advertisements for “The 40 Year Old Virgin” — donning a clueless smile while spouting platitudes during meetings & hugging his co-workers on the way out of meetings…..


    1. What’s the matter, Tim? You can’t accept the fact that players want to go to war on Saturdays for a Head Coach who believes in Flower Power?

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    1. Cult? How’s this for you? Clay insists all the players talk openly about the love they feel for each other, everybody is encouraged to give everybody else ‘hugs around the neck’, personal time with Helton is only after sunset on the second Wednesday of the month and no one can wear the color purple in his presence….

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  2. As said on here once before, at least the Hindenburg and Titanic were quick affairs…this disaster is epic in scale and duration…USC hasn’t seen the likes of this since the circumstances that led to the hiring of John McKay in 1960…Paul Hackett, Ted Tollner…hard to believe, but you’re off the hook…

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      1. Yes sir, you are correct…I’ve tried to remind myself that it’s not as if he hired himself, and who wouldn’t take that job if offered…

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    1. In some ways, yes, Arturo….. That fact alone indicates Clay has a personal relationship with Bru….


    2. You sick sodomite promoting bastard! Clay has but one offspring! “Reid Helton” He is a male!

      You sick bastard! Now just get me some chilaquiles cabron!


  3. Marinade on this .. When Clay Helton took over the USC program a year before Tom Herman was hired at Texas, the Trojans were in much better shape then the Longhorns. But now it seems as if the two schools are going in two completely different directions. That’s what happens when you put an inexperienced idiot, in charge of a power 5 football program. Lynn Swann, and Helton must know, that other college coaches are laughing at their comedy show .

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  4. Sociologists will be using Helton’s statement as a textbook example of denial and cognitive dissonance (your belief gets stronger, not weaker, when presented with contradictory evidence). More confirmation that Helton still wants to be loved and does not have the values and mental set to turn the soft culture of the team around. Worse, he has some sort of delusional belief that the departing players love him. He should have thanked Bru for rebuking the coaching staff by departing and giving them a wake up call that they must turn the program around. No such luck. Move Helton to the scouting department and let Harrelll coach the team is their only chance for at least a re-building year.

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  5. Do you think Helton might grow as a HC if he read some of the posts on this blog? He doesn’t have to check out any of my deranged comments, but for some of the other germaine and pertinent ones, he might just want to take a gander…Oh, I forgot to mention the other half of the undynamic duo as well…

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    1. Another masterful coaching job by Enfield to lose at home. Game not really close as final score indicates. Team unprepared and listless at start, and fall behind by 23 in 2nd half . Great halftime adjustments. Enfield belongs in Div.2 out of harms way for USC!


  6. Mr. Johnson,

    I disagree with your assessment of being great in the WAC. Sc would get whacked in that conference. I think if they went down to the level of Cal State L.A. they might be able to compete.

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