USC Morning Buzz: The Lynn Swann Road Tour Continues

Fresh off his trip to the Super Bowl in Atlanta, it was time for some golf for USC athletic director Lynn Swann.

Here he is at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am on Wednesday. Also in the picture are NFL quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan.

Maybe Swann’s motto should be, “What me working?”


32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Lynn Swann Road Tour Continues

  1. I get that Swann was hired to schmooze the alumni and shake some $$$$ out of them with a few rounds of golf. But how does going to the Super Bowl and then to Pebble Beach with NFL players meet that objective?!? I now blame Swann’s boss (Interim President) for allowing the dysfunction to continue. While Troy burns, the leadership fiddles.

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  2. Too bad he wasn’t at that ‘love fest’ held at Sherwood CC two weeks ago – Justin Turner’s Charity Golf’ – he could have met his equivalent in MLB – – – Albert Pujols – – – another overpaid and has been athlete severely impacting who they work for.


  3. Fite this guy already.

    What the **** happened to these “Trojan Greats”?

    All they seem to do is steal money and not show up for work.

    #They Should Be Ashamed!

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  4. I’m patiently waiting for halfway point of next season, because that’s when the comical spins will start from Lynn Swann. So grab your popcorn 🍿 and beverages, because it’s gonna be a knee Slapper 😂😂

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    1. Saw the beginning of the spin already in his press conference, saying that spring practice would be hampered because of lack of healthy defensive backs…at least that should tell us how much control Harrell actually has (as many on this site seem to assert he will be able to affect a turnaround due to control he was promised when hired over not only the offense but also practice)…if Clay tries to use this as an excuse for “hugging” practices again, and Harrell is what some are trying to make him out to be, he should demand full practices, even if it means moving excess receivers (and God knows there would be plenty of them based on recruiting priorities…oh, except for all of the defections…) and/or running backs…strongly suspect that will not happen, or else practices will be closed…

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      1. James —I’m beginning to think we can give up on USC football for as long as Clay Helton has the remotest amount of influence over the team. Late last night—after re-reading Swan’s crazy babble about the love he felt for Bru—- it hit me: Even a 5-7 season hasn’t wised up Clay at all. He’s still the same idiot. Poor Graham Harrell. It’s going to be next to impossible for him to tell the players to ignore Clay’s “happy daddy” speeches and to disassociate themselves from Clay’s soft philosophy. Clay has already told the Los Angeles Times that he won’t allow a full Air Raid offense to be implemented at USC —-which means he’s only half in on the new Offensive Coordinator. This year’s offense will be another triumph of Heltonian mishmash.
        And —as for getting Urban Meyer to save us —-we can forget about that, too. A University which is DRAGGING IT’S FEET on getting a new president —–isn’t going to be in position to do anything nearly that big.

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      2. MG-entirely agree…think this year is going to be the USC equivalent of what Oklahoma went through during the intermediate period (to borrow a phrase from Egyptian history) between Switzer and Stoops (primarily Gary Gibbs…who at least did a decent job at OU and went on to a long career as an assistant in the NFL)…or the state of affairs that spurred Bama to pony up the big bucks for Saban/Ohio State to do the same for Urban…agree 100% with you that Urban won’t come near this place, even if then, unless the university administration turmoil is fixed first so that his agreement would contain the autonomy that top coaches like him need and insist on.

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      3. Very clever, James —but didn’t the first intermediate period in Egypt last for well over a hundred years?

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      4. Something like that…maybe longer…desert wasteland…glorious past in ruins…weak pharaohs and viziers…okay, “waiter! check please…”

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      5. James —I seem to vaguely remember some words spoken by the ancient Egyptian Leader, Clay Helcho The First (3rd intermediate period): “I’m pleased & happy for all my warriors who’ve transferred to service in the Assyrian Empire —our love affair will last for my entire (very short) lifetime!”

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      6. I just spit out my gum over that! You know, picking up that theme…the renovation of the Coliseum is sort of like Haden playing the part of Ramses II and erasing the names and deeds of the past to display his own (later determined as largely contrived) in their place…so please, oh football gods, don’t let Clay Helcho turn into the last pharaoh who was conquered by Cambyses…or…gulp…Cleopatra asking us after ages of decadence and deterioration…

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      7. James — I just remembered —Helcho was never assassinated —-The Hittites, the Assyrians and, in fact, the entire Nile 12, were content to let him rule for decades.

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      8. James —- Sticking with our history theme, hurry up jobs on massive projects in Los Angeles have bad ones. Workers injured, structural defects, wage law violations, etc. Haden may yet get to reenact that scene in The Ten Commandments wherein Moses is being led out in chains as the Pharaoh commands that his name be struck from all records, buildings, coins —erased from memory.

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    1. Zactly what I was thinking. You or I wouldn’t be allowed on the course sporting duds like that. Scary clueless. Or maybe it’s good that he doesn’t know how to represent on an iconic golf course. Might mean he’s not rilly on many golf courses, which would be good. But then again he’s not on ANY great schools list of future AD’s either. Such the unleader.


    1. You can joke all you want to, Pac 12 —-but last year we tore through the FIRST game of that prestigious tournament….


  5. There are reports he didn’t bother showing up for the recruiting dinner at Galen Center. He went to a diversity meeting instead. So what athletics does he direct?

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  6. With SC’s most important day of the year, Swann should have been at Heritage Hall supporting and cementing the idea that everyone is there to support the football team, the coach, and the staff. I was wondering why I did not see him at the basketball game last night. His wife was there. Now I know. Golfing is more important to him that the Athletic Department. He shrugged his duties as being the AD. I don’t care if the interm president told him to go and play golf. He should have been there yesterday. This tells you all you need to know. He is a figurehead and a YES man. He cannot make a decision without the interm president being involved. Hopefully they hire a president that understands how important football is to SC and gets rid of Swann and Helton and bring in someone or promote someone that knows how to run an athletic department.

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    1. Funny —but I seem to remember Hitler acting the exact same way and saying the exact same things about USC hiring Kiffin and Sark……


    2. What a dumb ass post. Using Obama’s name is a crime in your handle
      Not funny at all. Love to line you up on the firing range. Schmuck is a word
      you probably don’t understand which fits you perfectly.


      1. Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. As for your wanting to line me up on a firing range, don’t ever fucking threaten me. You’re more than welcomed to direct message me if you want to have a face to face discussion about issues you have with me that don’t have anything to do with football related topics in this blog.


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