The Biggest Problem With Recruiting Class

When Pete Carroll left USC, one reason he the the football program in a tough position for the future was he signed only three offensive linemen in the 2009 and 2010 recruiting classes.

Lane Kiffin frequently complained about it. He got hired less than a month before Signing Day in 2010, so it didn’t give him much time to get linemen.

I mention this because Clay Helton has signed only two offensive linemen in 2018 and two in 2019.

This is one reason USC was so desperate to sign Hunter Hill, who picked Utah State instead.

It is pretty incomprehensible Helton let offensive line recruiting suffer like this while pursuing every wide receiver in the country.

Does he ever pay attention to Alabama recruiting?

This is something that could affect USC for several seasons if it doesn’t get transfers to fill the gaps.


14 thoughts on “The Biggest Problem With Recruiting Class

  1. What I will never get is why more 5 star offensive linemen didn’t flock to USC in order to be prepared for the NFL by Coach Callaway…..

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  2. This is one of the reasons why I’ve always thought Clay Helton was an Idiot, because he’s been ignoring the trenches since the day he took over. He hired a family friend as his offensive line coach, and put zero emphasis on the position. But the most idiotic thing about it was, it continued to be the teams weak point, but Helton did nothing to improve it. The Trojans looked like a JV team along the line of scrimmage against Alabama, and Texas , but Bozo Helton still didn’t get the hint. …Unbelievable

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    1. Helton DID get it, Fred. That’s the real tragedy. He COULD see what everyone else saw: Callaway’s unit was confused and lacked “want to.” (But) Clay wanted to stay friends with Callaway way more than he wanted to fix the problem…..


    2. It’s all about this offensive philosophy about getting “playmakers” in space and letting them make plays. That’s been the trend this decade. One of it’s biggest disciples was Sarkisian who then infected Clay, Tee and the other OC’s USC has had this decade. You don’t need big, strong OL if all you want to do with your offense is play something akin to 7 on 7 passing games.

      Saban resisted playing this style of offense for a long time but when he finally came around to it he still made a point of having good OL. He would never ignore the LOS like Clay has done.

      And, if you want to know if a good strong ground game is possible, look south to SDSU. They’ve had three 10 win seasons recently that also included two RB’s who rushed for 2,000 yards in a single season. And they did that with mostly 3 star OL from around CA. They beat Stanford in 2017 and dominated ASU at the LOS last year.

      A good strong ground game is still possible if USC wants it. Sadly, they’re more into bubble screen passes, jet sweeps and other WR gimmick plays.

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    1. By the time Nov 16th rolls around….that’s gonna be one tired & banged up bunch of LB & Dbacks. On the field 35min. Clancy will keep em going.


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    2. By the time Nov 16th rolls around….that’s gonna be one tired & banged up bunch of LB & Dbacks. On the field 35min. Clancy will keep em going.



  3. Clay is Clay…. it’s hard to get mad at a coach who is out of position…. Shouldn’t he be position coach? For some other team (like ND or UCLA)? But this is what it means to have Clay as HC… mediocrity is a step up….and that’s with having a magnet like SC in the middle of a recruiting heaven…. It’s Swan who is out getting high on road trips (only substance abuse makes sense) while the athletic teams are going south, who deserves everything bad that can be said… At least he’s tough with the song girls… SC has really stepped into Bizarro world…. but by golly, SC has the SJW’ing all over the place and characteristically, performance no longer matters…

    unfunnily, does this recruiting season seem like it will change that 5-7 record to 7-5 (I remember when 7-5 would get the coach fired…oh well) and get SC to the all important bowl game…maybe in Las Vegas or San Diego….goteam…

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    1. I like the whole Bizzaro angle, yeateam. It explains the way Clay speaks and moves before, during and after games……..


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