A Recruiting Dinner To Forget

Last night’s recruiting dinner had less than 100 people in attendance. Just for comparison, during the Pete Carroll era they used to hold the event on the floor of the Galen Center.

The dinner is usually hosted by the athletic director but Lynn Swann was at Pebble Beach so Steve Lopes was the emcee.

It was believed to be the smallest crowd since the event started in 1997.

I’m told USC interim president Wanda Austin attended the dinner. I wonder if she knows how much smaller than normal the crowd was.

I also heard some fans heckled Clay Helton outside the Falen Center last night with “Fire Helton” chants.

It is all a sad state of affairs.


18 thoughts on “A Recruiting Dinner To Forget

  1. Yes, Helton was treated with disdain —-but he handled the hecklers beautifully. He immediately fell back on Public Relations Rule #1 in his Handbook (a Handbook which, unfortunately, only has one page containing one rule —Rule #1) and replied, “I’d like to neck hug all of you’s! I’ve only encountered you for 3 seconds but I’ll remember each and every one of you fondly for the rest of my life!”

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  2. I’m so looking forward to 8-31-2019, because Fresno State has their best team in decades, and they will be more then fired up . Jeff Tedford can outcoach Clueless Clay Helton in his sleep 😴. And next up is Stanford, and David Shaw, who usually beats SC on the regular with lesser talent 😂. Hey Bozo Helton, the honeymoon is finally over!

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    1. Fred, who could ever forget the Freedom Bowl game. Prior to the game, I can still hear those arrogant bozo player’s wondering out loud “where is Fresno?” The bozo’s got a Geography lesson that night.

      Still, one of my favorite, top 5, bozo u losses. It was Fresno Panzer Blitzkrieg vs Clown U French FB.


      1. “Ruin basketball stinks like your talk here. Tedford is a total fool
        just ask Cal. The Trojans have the better offense by far. Fresno St.
        plays a mediocre schedule. Why don’t you get on Chip Kelley’s case
        and stay away from this site permanently. 8 clap on your way to the
        homeless shelter for dinner.


      2. Ahh, the comforts of being a UCLA football fan. You guys have lost to Fresno multiple times but nobody cares because you’re irrelevant in the football world.


  3. Uh … back in Carroll’s day there was no early signing period when 80% of the players sign. The Feb LOI day no longer carries the buzz that it used to. Did someone really need to point this out to you?

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  4. Anybody ask Wanda where the search committee stands in the process of hiring the new Prez? Gotta start at the top and work down right? Why do have this sinking feeling that it’s gonna be an ultra politically correct, mealy mouthed Dingus?

    Okay, now I’m just being a crusty old Trojan.

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    1. ’83 – great post.

      I might add that since Wanda is ultra PC, and that she has done such a horrible job, this might be enough to push the search committee towards a reasonable, high quality candidates. Hundreds of letters have been written to her about her decision to fire Jim Ellis, the b-school dean, and there are roughly 4,000 signatories urging that Ellis’s firing be rescinded.

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