Do USC Players Notice Any Changes?

I spoke to a player today to find out what’s different at USC with all the promises made by Clay Helton and Lynn Swann?

“Nothing has changed,” the player said. “A lot of guys are complaining that nothing has changed.”

Good to know that outside appearances are apparently accurate because not much has happened on the surface either.


17 thoughts on “Do USC Players Notice Any Changes?

    1. Okay, Pudly —maybe the “source” no longer attends ANY school. Maybe he (or she) never played ANY college sport. Maybe the “guys” he (or she) is quoting AREN’T really “guys” at all ….

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      1. Pudly —Until spring practice, I think we can all assume that we’ll be getting NOTHING but “football chat.” Not hard news. I will say this, though —-when it comes to football chat, Scott’s light years better than most, if not all, of his competitors. A lot of his early, unpopular player evaluations have turned out to be on the money…..


      2. Micheal, as far as scottie’s accuracy, I’d reply that even a blind horse will find water occasionally if you turn him loose in a swamp.



    2. You punkass little cockalorum needs to stop your bitching about the great wolf! You and your ugly ass cat will get your collective asses beat if you keep it up!

      Don’t be such a Pillock! I wish your daddy would have pulled out!


  1. It seems I’ve been banned, exiled, banished, muzzled, choked and excommunicated from St. Wolf’s bozo blog. I am shocked; what could I have done better to curry favor amongst the rah-rah, sunshine pumpers.

    Mikey, would you consider representing an innocent man being dragged to a trumped-up Auto de fe.

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    1. I would be proud to stand beside you at counsel table, JustOwns. (I take it, we’d be on the side marked “Defendants”, yes)?


  2. It has been true for at least a few yrs that leopards do not change their spots…and helton does not either,regardless of promises…that said ,it is possible he has been told he will not have any input concerning how practices are run with the offense…he seems to have backed away from that area…BUT believe it when you see it, and it would make considerable sense if the entire offensive coaching staff started telling us what is going to occur as to conditioning,practices,scrimmages…nice if the defense did likewise.It might even of helped recruiting, but that would be far too logical for the present SC environment.

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  3. If he actually talked to a current player that has been around for at 2&1/2 years then close the book and fire Helton.



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