USC Almost Makes History In Recruiting But Some Rivals Do

USC is ranked No. 19 by Rivals and No. 20 by 247Sports now that wide receiver Puka Nacua is signing with Washington.

The 20th ranking is USC’s first since the Trojans’ class was ranked 20th in 2001. But this class doesn’t have Pete Carroll. It has Clay Helton. And 2020 is not off to a great start.

Meanwhile, Oregon and Washington just had their highest-ranked recruiting classes.

Thanks, Helton!

  • Jake Olson has been signed by United Talent Agency, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Olson decided after the season not to return to the football team.





15 thoughts on “USC Almost Makes History In Recruiting But Some Rivals Do

    1. Anything is possible w.o. a ‘president’ replacing Nikias….it seems Caruso is the ‘majordomo’ acting as ‘regent’. He is the power until a successor is announced… yes, regrettably, it is possible.

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    1. Very astute point. Every new addition to the Pac 12 coaching ranks is better than Helton. Even our 30 yr. old offensive coordinator is better than Helton.

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    2. Among these new coaches is Herm Edwards, a former NFL head coach who led two different franchises to the playoffs…just like Jack Del Rio led two different franchises to the playoffs and 12 win regular seasons (very few head coaches in NFL history have led multiple franchises to 12 win regular seasons)…very reminiscent of a certain head coach who between the Bills – Parcells and Belichick – led the Patriots to the playoffs…but, no, let’s keep Helton and Clancy and bring in a new offensive coordinator and pretend all is well…

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      1. If USC were ever intent on bringing the Trojans football program back to prominence after the sanctions they never would have hired Kiffin, Sarkisian and Helton.

        And then there’s Lynn Swann, that guy should be ashamed of himself, he’s content with being seen as nothing but a figurehead collecting a paycheck he hasn’t earned and doesn’t deserve.

        No one should expect Trojan football to be anything more than mediocre at best in the foreseeable future.


      2. Agree with all, particularly your conclusion (I will remain more than pessimistic until this entire regime is replaced), with the exception of Kiffin – Garrett, however arrived at, made a tremendously shrewd decision in hiring him, and despite the tarmac-ing/Sun Bowl fiasco, that period was markedly successful in overcoming the onset and staving off the resultant effects of the sanctions…because Kiff was a credible offensive coach (as subsequent events more or less corroborated), but moreover, because he was a great recruiter, who brought back with him from his Tennessee staff Coach O…don’t care if it was Garrett’s idea or not, it was a great hire that just mentioned being an all-time great hire possibly, and dwarfs everything positive that Haden and Swann did or have done combined…


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