An Early Report On Graham Harrell

I’ve talked to a coach and some players about new offensive coordinator Graham Harrell.

The reports are that Harrell is a nice guy and seems easy to deal with. But everyone also makes the same comment to me about Harrell. They don’t know if he has the gravitas to decide by himself who starts at quarterback.

Kliff Kingsbury wielded complete authority on the quarterback position and we have yet to see or hear if Harrell enjoys similar power. It might be hard to imagine a 33-year-old who was never a head coach having the same power as Kingsbury, especially when Helton would love to meddle in the quarterback decision.


15 thoughts on “An Early Report On Graham Harrell

  1. I hope Graham Harrell’s family and all that those who love Graham Harrell hold a pre- spring intervention for the purpose of explaining to him the first commandment of Andy Warhol: When you find yourself in a bad situation make sure you situate yourself in such a way as not to get blamed for it.

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    1. He is bringing his backup…CYA

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      1. Pudly — Graham will have a pal to talk to when things get stormy. [It’s always nice to have a buddy at the table with you. Wish I knew a little more about Baker’s credentials, though. I haven’t been able to find much].

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      1. Very funny, Sam! Centuries from now, taking photos with the two named individuals will be seen as an act of villainy…..


      2. I think we’re still without a S&C which is terrible. Who’s in charge of making sure players are even eating properly or not over doing it on their own in training? Ivan Lewis’ interim is probably keeping one eye on the off season to do list but not focused on the teams progress as much as he would like because he may be looking for a new job as well just in case he’s not held over. Lynn Swann probably scrolls his phone at the clubhouse bar looking for any name who’s available and then has his assistant research the rest when he hires new employees because he has T-Times to think about.


      1. Sam, you are more rational than this…. If not Helton, you would have Pendergast as IHC and the search committee will settle on someone like Tedford or Wilcox! Best that you could hope for is Justin Fuentes! southern cal football will only attract mid-major level head coach at this point…. And you know this Mannnn!

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  2. Everyone is trying to replicate Sean McVay. I don’t see happening with anyone available at this time. He seems to be s one of s kind.
    Anyway with our unforgiving fan base I doubt anyone would step up. It might be we are stuck with Clueless Clay for a while because he’s the only doof stupid enough to say yes.


  3. If USC doesn’t get it’s act together and at least hire an A.D. who knows what the hell he is doing, Clay Helton will be allowed to survive another embarrassing beat down by Alabama and Nick Saban when they meet up again in 2020.

    I doubt Lynn Swann even knows that the Trojans have another game scheduled with Alabama, seeing how he’s more concerned with playing golf and avoiding all functions being held that directly benefit or have anything to do with Trojan football.

    On rare occasion when Swann is spotted on campus and decides he should probably say something regarding Trojan athletics (seeing how he’s supposed to be running the dept.) he should concern himself more with what the hell Helton is doing and making sure progress is being made on the necessary changes needed to try and fix the mess he and Clay made of the football program and a lot less time concerning himself with the USC Song Girls, they should be the least of his worries as they are and have been the one team at USC sporting events worth watching for the price of admission.


  4. Tedford has health problems. He’s used to being independant in a low pressure environment. Despite being a soCal guy he would not appreciate dealing with all The SC Athletic Dept Issues. And the ghosts of Haden & Swann.

    Wilcox has a huge buyout & is comfortable at CAL. He runs the show. Gets along with the AD, Jim Knowlton. No way he comes south & deals with a dysfunctional situation. For 30 million maybe. His biggest headaches are the Admissions req. & the team coming under scrutiny by staying at the Claremont before games. He hasn’t even activated his CC membership. He doesn’t play golf. He’s a workaholic. He won’t ever forget the drubbing he took when he was at SC.

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