USC Strength Coach Update

USC interim strength coach Keith Belton is not going to get the full-time job as Clay Helton seeks to hire someone from the outside.

This is not surprising but Helton should have decided that four weeks ago instead of now and hired someone instead of dragging his feet like he did with hiring a replacement for Kliff Kingsbury.

January and February are crucial months for strength and conditioning and Helton’s happy to take his time hiring a coach.


4 thoughts on “USC Strength Coach Update

  1. Helton does not have final say over these program decisions.

    Direct your ire towards Steve Lopes and other administrators in Heritage Hall. Those morons have erected a leadership structure where they identify and vet any candidate or personnel change in the football program and then give a list to Helton to choose from. It’s similar to what the Denver Broncos have had recently where the top administrator (John Elway) picked all the assistants to work under the HC. That didn’t work so well leading to Broncos HC Vance Joseph being let go this year.

    USC has something similar which is why things take so long and why you see such disfunction in the football program. It’s not Helton running the show. It’s Steve Lopes (a crony of Pat Haden who taught Lopes how to meddle) and all his associates who are running – and ruining – the football program. Lopes is of the mind that all you need is a passing game offense and where you can ignore the defense. And that is exactly the team USC is fielding, because he wants it that way. It’s an utter embarrassment.

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  2. It ain’t easy for Clay Helton to bring credible coaches onboard, because assistants talk to each other, and most know it’s probably gonna be a one and done with Clueless Clay. Helton’s from the Steve Sarkisian coaching tree, and they’ve never been big on conditioning. That’s why Sarkisians no huddle offense left his players out of breath after the first qtr.


  3. Every One Knows Clay Helton Needs to be FIRED…
    so Tell Me where is USC Alumni…. playing Golf Like lynn swanny
    Lynnn swann needs to be fired let goooooooooooooo
    SO WHO is going to get off there U know what….
    and Do something…….every one just Talks……………..
    doing Nothing…… Scott Wolf puts USC and Clay Helton in the Toilet
    every article….the USC Alumni Needs to Wake up and get there Heads out of there A OOOO Time to get a NEW Coach and Defensive Cord
    in 2020…..USC Football can be 100% Greater than it shows on the Football Field…Due to Poor Coaching Look to Pay for Urban Meyer
    or a Top Level Coach….in 2020


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