USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton’s Philosophy Changes Constantly

Before I start, a reminder Lynn Swann is at Wilshire Country Club today for the Lynn Swann Golf Tournament.

Now, I wonder if Clay Helton has any convictions. Remember when Helton demoted Tee Martin, he said he had been wanting to call plays again.

“I’ve had the itch to get back, more integrated with the offense,” he said. “Being in year three of being the head coach and feeling more comfortable with the role and the duties that come with it, I know the lay of the land now.”

But recently he revealed a totally different philosophy.

“My job on game days will be managing game situations,” Helton said.

Helton doesn’t really know what he wants so he is just trying everything. No one wanted him to call plays so now he won’t call plays.

Just like he suddenly is saying he will focus in spring on improving discipline because that is what people want to hear even though he hasn’t done anything since the season ended to improve it.



14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton’s Philosophy Changes Constantly

  1. Sorry for being off topic, and not whining. I saw this and thought some might be interested.

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    1. Pudly — If you’re saying there’s reason for optimism this season, I sorta agree with you (in a sense). I respect your opinion a ton. Seriously. My concern —which maybe you partially share —is that Helton is turning out to be just a run of the mill self promoter. The kind you see in every workplace. He understands the present lay of the land at USC well enough to continue in a job he’s not fully cable of doing—saying whatever gets him to the next moment, while not having any deep convictions about what the team or a Head Coach oughta be. I cringe when he says that he loves players who are underperforming —but I cringe a lot more when I watch our spring “game” and see nothing but one lazy drill after another —-then watch the spring game of other programs and see a team ready to play football. I’ve been saying that the first test comes in the Fresno State game —I’m revising that sentiment. The test will come in the spring game. If we see nothing more than a bunch of half assed drills, no hitting, and no urgency —we’ll all know that nothing has changed.

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      1. I believe then, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I believe it has already even said that the spring finale would be at Howard Jones/Brian Kennedy field. Doesn’t sound like a game at all, does it?
        Regardless, it is more about installation of the offense than making bloggers happy this year more than ever. If my reputation was on the line (Graham Harrell), I’d not give 2 cents for what either you nor I think and solely concentrate on that singular objective. You worry about Clay, when this spring is all about Harrell.

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      2. Pudly —If it’s ALL about Harrell, we might be okay. But what if players can’t help bumping into Helton in the hall or on the practice field and he imparts Heltonian wisdom? Will Helton be on the sidelines? Calling 2 goofy timeouts in the first quarter? Will Helton be allowed to talk to the team before games & at halftime? I’ve heard a couple of clips of stuff he’s said to the team —- & let’s just say he’s not the world’s greatest motivator. He doesn’t even sound like HE believes what he’s saying.
        And, then, there’s the defense. I’m guessing that it’s not ranked in the top 20 for 2019. And, then, there’s Special Teams.
        I think Harrell can save this team —-but it won’t be easy. And there are gonna be some major fricking turf wars going on during September —with no genuine A.D. to play mediator.

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    2. Pudly,

      Just write your own blog. You are more informative than Scooter. Just think, if you were actually writing, we could actually get pertienent information instead of the negativity.

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  2. Scottie’s philosophy never changes

    “I write poorly” “I don’t proof read” “everything about USC is terrible” “I creep out cheerleaders”

    That’s all.

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  3. Hey Scotty Potty, hows about shifting focus to where the real action is right now. The BOT. Do some of your world renowned news investigation regarding the more critical University leadership issue. You know, get a few unnamed insiders to spill the beans on BOT stuff in the exact same way you’d like to see them spilled. Then excitedly report it here like it’s truly groundbreaking info.
    Nothing to see football wise here until Spring.

    In short try to be more nimble and in tune with what we the peeps want.

    You’re welcome.

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    1. It takes a lot more than quoting from The Little Prince to make it on this blog, Miguelito….
      # 50 – 0


    2. English Hombre. We aren’t converting over to Spanish and never will. I had three years of Spanish in high school, so yes I can interpet what you wrote.


  4. Clay Helton has never had an identity, or direction, because he’s not head coaching material. Pat Haden wasn’t qualified to be an Athletic Director, so lacked the skills to evaluate an individual for a head coaching position. Remember when Helton declared that USC was going to emphasize the running game, but continued to recruit like he was in a flag football league? His lack of football knowledge is frightening , and is probably one of many reasons why he can’t attract top coordinators, and assistants.

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