Some USC Fans Fall Into A Familiar Recruiting Trap

When UCLA loses a recruit to USC, its fans (and pundits) love to say, “He didn’t have the grades to get into UCLA.”

Something similar took place in the past day with Puka Nacua. USC fans fawned over him while he was verbally committed.

Now that he signed with Washington, some USC fans say he did not want to compete. That he only cared about playing time next season.

Here is a quote he gave 247sports: “I verbally committed to USC early and I know I really liked it there, especially being in Los Angeles, but there was a lot of other stuff going on and I don’t know where the program is going.”

Those last few words are key: Where is the program going?

At the moment, Lynn Swann doesn’t care and Clay Helton doesn’t have a clue. Finally, recruits know this. Someone at USC needs to wake up like Rick Caruso, chair of the Board of Trustees.


11 thoughts on “Some USC Fans Fall Into A Familiar Recruiting Trap

  1. Minus the Caruso name drop i have to say the Scott Wolf is right on here.

    By the time USC finally decides to wake up we will be losing to Memphis St and TCU again then we’ll have to buy a kids family a house breaking rules or some crap like that just to play catch up with college football.

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    1. That’s very funny, Sam. Unless some of our guys transform (pretty much on their own, it won’t happen thru coaching) into super-duper Adoree Jackson-type talents in 2019 we’re royally screwed (btw —-of course you know that WE didn’t buy Reggie’s family a house —– cuz WE weren’t the ones who wanted to see Reggie go pro….)

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      1. 67 —Yes! The last 2 Notre Dame games [w/o Adoree] seemed to last more than 2 years all by themselves. Adoree was the difference maker that saved Helton from himself.

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      2. I think St. Brown will put up big numbers providing the offense with a go to guy, but like you mentioned Adoree and how he played like a star leading the charge i think we’ll need Stephen Carr to have a season similar with the ball.
        And I just hope SC players, parents, and everyone tied to the program will never put themselves in a situation like that again and we never have any problems going forward.

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  2. Fawned over Nacua? Who? Great receivers grow on trees around here. I ain’t hatin on the kid and wish him well. One way or another, there will be excitement around the program next year- either through success on the field, or the new Head Coach. Boooom!

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  3. I could never understand what the big deal with this kid. The fact that he played the situation like a drama major tells me all I need to know about his character.
    To be honest I don’t think SC is trending in the wrong direction as much as it hit a bump. What nobody knows is where we’ll be in four years. What I do know is that if SC wanted this kid they could have put some effort into getting him.

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  4. The “He did not want to compete “ quote came from Pete Carroll, because whenever he over recruited a position, some players wanted to transfer, as oppose to wasting their eligibility sitting on the bench .

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