The Memory Of Sam Darnold Lingers

We hear an offensive lineman recently asked Clay Helton if he would play next season?

“I always play the best players,” Helton reportedly said.

“No you don’t, you played Max Browne over Sam Darnold,” the player responded.

Monumentally bad decisions still linger for Helton, apparently.


13 thoughts on “The Memory Of Sam Darnold Lingers

  1. Really? It sounds like the player’s quote is one of Scottie’s exact quotes.

    I am not a Helton supporter, but there are so many reasons that this is either very distorted, or flat out wrong.

    And if the player was on the squad in Sam’s first year, then he would either be a red-shirt junior, senior, or red-shirt senior by now.

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  2. “I always play the best players,” Helton reportedly said.


    We all saw how well the offensive line performed under Neil Callaway. Helton’s judgment of Callaway was that he was the best offensive line coach for the job.

    Clay is as clueless as Callaway.

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    1. Hey TBow: It might behoove Helton to look at his “perception” of who are the best players and determine if it really reflects the reality that they are in fact “the best” …just saying…


    1. A 1 year deal for the Raiders last year in Oakland prior to their move to Las Vegas in 2020 – Raiders rent is pegged at $7.5 million …. A 3 year deal for the Rams at the Coliseum? I read it was in the $7 mil per year


  3. If he played “the best” players why did Toa ever see the field? What took Hufanga so long to come off the bench and why did Clay waste the first 2yrs of Pittman’s college career making him watch inferior WR’s play ahead of him.


  4. He also started Greene and Mitchell over Pittman and Vaughns.

    Helton may be telling the truth. But because Helton is proving to not only to be a bad strategic coach, but a poor evaluator of talent, Helton doesn’t know who the best player is.


  5. USC’s first season without Sam Darnold should have determined if Clueless Clay got a contract extension, that’s what an experienced Athletic Director would have done. Everybody knew Bozo Helton would fail without Darnold, based on the lack of direction, and leadership on the team, but Swann saw things differently. 😂

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