USC Needs Cornerbacks And Linemen So Here’s Two

Elias Ricks, the nation’s top cornerback for 2020 from Mater Dei, attended a combine last weekend at Long Beach City College with his family decked out in LSU gear.

He is already committed to LSU even though he is from Southern California and his mother went to USC. But he looks pretty solid for the Tigers based on his family’s attire.

Remember that if you read any recruiting reports that USC is still pursuing him.

Meanwhile, someone needs to tell Clay Helton that former five-star offensive lineman Calvin Ashley has entered the NCAA transfer portal and intends to transfer from Auburn. He has three years of eligibility remaining.

The way USC needs linemen, someone should contact Ashley. Maybe Tee Martin can put in a good word since he is at nearby Tennessee.


17 thoughts on “USC Needs Cornerbacks And Linemen So Here’s Two

  1. To all you southern cal rah rahs: I NEED SOUTHERN CAL FOOTBALL TO GET BETTER!!

    I mean this from the bottom of my heart! There is no “sport” in kicking a dog when it is down!

    All of you bitch and moan about Helton needing to be fired but let me lay out for you step by step what needs to happen.

    1. Hire a President ASAP (Change needs to happen from top down)
    2. Let the new president hire an AD with a football connection but more importantly a strong administrative management background (Condoleezza Rice would be a homerun)
    3. HIre a head coach with success in a MAJOR CONFERENCE SCHOOL! No more mid-majors. (Dino Babers of Syracuse would be nice, he has done wonders everywhere he has been. I know you honks want Urban Meyer but he is not coming to your “dumpster fire” of a school)
    4. Let the new HC recruit without negative feed backs from “know nothing” fan boys. (Yes, this means you)

    Southern cal should make a comeback in football in a few years…. as for basketball…. I don’t know? Fold the program and put more money into women’s lacrosse??

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  2. Michael,

    I like the idea of Rice being hired as the president. She has a lot more on the ball than the current interm. She likes football and she has a conservative background. I like her.

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    1. Hi Pasadena,
      I think your opinion of Rice will undergo a change if you read what Donald Rumsfeld had to say about her capacity to fold under pressure and get semi-hysterical in a crisis….. She’s a highly intelligent person but what we need now is strength and determination.


    2. Rice is a big time loser. A do nothing robot under Bush. We don’t need
      any Black big time conservative running the university. How is Swann
      working out these days in his capacity.?


  3. Clueless Clay doesn’t need offensive lineman, he’s been ignoring the men in the trenches since the day Pat Haden named him coach. That’s why Bozo Helton opted for an air attack offense, because it doesn’t require the big lineman that helps Alabama, and Clemson win national championships . If a Clue slapped Clueless Clay in the forehead, then he still wouldn’t get the clue 🤓🤓 Duh !!

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      1. Buddhakarma: I know some people who don’t follow football that would claim that a transfer portal was a “Porta Potty” that you could easily move around (Lol)…


  4. EVERYBODY needs to take a serious look at Dan Weber’s “13 Spring Commandments for Trojan Football.” Without being snarky, Dan has spelled out exactly —-and I mean exactly —-what needs to happen this spring. The best suggestion (which, okay, may edge into being a tiny bit snarky) is that the players (1) be shown a video of last spring’s jack-off practice sessions —-and, then (2) treated to a bonfire of that video (with videos of the Arizona State, Cal and UCLA games thrown into the fire).


  5. You could have 29 Commandments but it won’t do any good. USC-superior athletes, no coaching & poor discipline. The players do not fear or respect many coaches or decisions. Gonna be a long season.

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    1. Take a look at the 13 commandments, Cal75. [Dan Weber says pretty much exactly what you just said —except he slips a ray of hope into his commentary]…..


  6. Ted: You did a nice job of delineating on the essence of what’s necessary for effective change. The only thing I will be a contrarian about is Conde Rice. Notwithstanding the fact she was a Secretary of State and academic full professor at Stanford, I’m not certain if she is the best prospect out there. I trust that the SC presidential selection committee, which reflects a wide array of administrative academics, will strive to bring in the best candidate interested in taking on the leadership reigns. And, since I’m not in that committee, I will defer to them without comment about who I believe will be a home run as a president for our beleaguered institution of higher education.


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