USC Picture Of The Day

Does it get better than this?

That is Lombardi Award winner Brad Budde leading the way for fullback/Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen and tailback/Heisman Trophy winner Charles White.


9 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

    1. I remember those days when USC was so physical, the defense knew what was coming and still couldn’t stop it….will they ever become a physical team again?


  1. Clueless Clay wouldn’t know what a dominating offensive lineman looks like if one hit him in the face. You would think Bozo Helton would get the hint that national championships are won in the trenches, based on what Alabama, and Clemson have done over the years.

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  2. How about a picture of All-America Ryan Khalil snapping it to Heisman winner Matt Leinart with Heisman winner Reggie Bush behind him ( Reggie’s stepdad was on the take, but he won theHeisman fair and square.)

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  3. In fact, it did get better back then…Budde was the award-winning All-American lineman who was subsequently drafted in the first round by Kansas City where he started for many years…and wasn’t even the best offensive lineman on that team – Anthony Munoz, Roy Foster, Keith Van Horne (Chris Foote was the other starter, and he also played in the NFL…and this doesn’t even count newcomers Bruce Matthews and Don Mosebar)…that’s how you end up with a photo featuring not one but two Heisman Trophy winners in the same backfield for a team that crushed LSU, Notre Dame, and UCLA, then beat co #1 Ohio State in the Rose Bowl…and the year before thrashed Alabama in Birmingham…

    The game has changed, but championships being determined by line play has not (not only at the college level, but as clearly demonstrated in the just completed playoffs, in the NFL), and that is why this head coach, and his predecessors, have all failed…with the continued deterioration of its recruiting prowess, it may now just be due to the talent available, but all of us who follow the program know that that is the outgrowth of years of poor coaching and player development…I hope Chuma goes on to have a successful NFL career to further illustrate (same for Biggie) this…


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