Sign Of The Times

No word if the rain today kept Lynn Swann off a golf course.

Hopefully he met with Clay Helton today to discuss recruiting, hiring a new strength coach and the new commitment to discipline. Hopefully.


11 thoughts on “Sign Of The Times

  1. Man that is awful signage of just how clueless Swann is – Bill Plaschke lit up LaBron James in today’s LA Times. One needs to have the same written again about Lynn Swann and Albert Pujols….sooner Swann is gone the better same with James and Pujols.


    1. After signing the top recruiting class in their history, and this year’s pac12 #1, the defensive coordinator Leavitt decides to leave the ducks….how many coaches have left their program since signing day? And most of their best recruits were defensive, so does it matter?
      If it was Helton there would be a clamor to raise the roof. Do the kids feel cheated?

      I heard someone at the Times was talking to the sports editor and asked him if he could write an article tomorrow, when the editor said “I only picked the best ones for publication”, the reporter said “how could that be? You never print anything of wolfe’s?”


      1. Leavitt leaves & there has to be a good story here. Hell of a recruiting class, #1 west coast guy included & he just says adious & isn’t transitioning into a new job. Hmmmmmm…….
        I was wondering how Oregon got this class. Hmmmmmm…


      2. Pudly you milksop, you “a mark” you couldn’t leave well enough alone could you twerp! Pudly, you called down the thunder and now you got it!
        Tell em the law’s coming. You tell em the Wolf is coming, and hell’s coming with him!”


      3. Work solves many problems, like too much time on your hands… watching westerns until you memorize the script is a sure indicator that your life is in the “death spiral” both socially and economically. You don’t have to think too big, a job as a apprentice sanitary engineer should do my little huckleberry.


      4. Pudly,
        a counter-offer. That’s what we lawyers – I’m a lawyer – we lawyers call that a counter-offer. This is a tough decision here. Get job as a janitor or ever loving shit out of you? Let me think… I could use a good cleaning job but I’ll be very honest with you… nah, I think I’ll just go with the kicking your and your cat’s ass!


      5. Well you certainly show your ruin education and literary skill. Proof read much? Oh never mind. Never been a cat guy, although that stinky cat you call mom has always been a locker room favorite.


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