USC Basketball Is Mess, Of Course

As much as I would love to ignore USC basketball, it is hard to avoid when the Trojans blow a 14-point lead to Stanford, who didn’t even have point guard Daejon Davis.

Not to mention the inevitable collapse at the end as USC led by 4 going into the final minute.

Has Andy Enfield ever overachieved?

He has more talent than Stanford. But USC is 13-12. He seems to do less than expected every season. Good thing he has an athletic director who does not care.

Oh, USC is 1-6 on the road. Enfield has never been able to beat teams that were .500 or better on the road at USC.


5 thoughts on “USC Basketball Is Mess, Of Course

  1. Enfield has next year because of the Mobley’s, but after they win an uninspiring 20 games, finish fourth in the conference, miss out on the NCAA, watch the Mobleys sit out the NIT and then get bounced in the first round, he’ll have one more year then he gone. So I am looking forward to the 2020-21 season!

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  2. I don’t have a handle on all of the sports history at SC, but I do know that football, baseball, and track have produced some impressive athletes. I don’t follow water polo, basketball, and other sports at SC, but I know it’s always big when SC beats someone like Cal in water polo and basketball (to the chagrin of Cal75-just kidding)…


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