USC Morning Buzz: A Package Deal Blew Up

Now that Signing Day has past, a USC coach told me how the Trojans offered offensive lineman Hunter Hill a scholarship because he was a high school teammate of wide receiver Puka Nacua.

That is not unusual but the problem was Nacua decided to stretch his decision and did not choose a school on Signing Day. That meant Hill could have signed with USC on Wednesday even though Nacua eventually picked Washington. Instead, Hill signed with Utah State.

Maybe Hill — and USC — knew Nacua had dropped USC by Signing Day but there was still a chance Hill could have decided he would go to USC anyways.

“We had a real need for offensive linemen so it wasn’t that risky at the end of the day,” the USC coach said.

That is also true. But this all illustrates how messed up USC’s recruiting class was this year. Even package deals fell through and even a lineman who had Utah State as his No. 1 choice did not come to USC.


8 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Package Deal Blew Up

  1. So when we sign recruits we often fixate on the stars and not the character or actual game performance vs camp performance… then these sites who sponsored many of these sites have people like scottie who was never in a locker room decide how good these guys are or will be. Never mind that the AFL debut had a game with as many five stars as the Super Bowl. Well it’s now gone even further. Much like scottie who never leaves the dank and dismal confines of his momma’s basement, both rivals and 24/7 rated this kid a three star. Trouble was he didn’t exist… hahahahaha!

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    1. You talk a lot of crap for a guy whose team is losing players as quick as they can fill out the paperwork. Hahahahaha! Stupid carbon. Always funny how the liberal educated put down SC because of the people who live in the neighborhood. No body is more “elite” than the liberally educated at the public trough…jealous much pendejo?


  2. Well, Utah State did have a better team last season, and their overall program is better then USC’s , so I totally understand why a recruit would pick them over SC .


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