USC Blind Item Of The Day

A coach from a school interested in a USC player who recently entered the NCAA transfer portal said the coaches were giving less-than-glowing reviews about the player.

It shows that while it may be easier than ever for a player to transfer, schools/coaches still have ways to try and affect the process.

I asked the coach if he gave much weight to what the USC coaches said? “Not really,” he answered.


16 thoughts on “USC Blind Item Of The Day

  1. I like what Scott’s doing here —but I’d take it a step (or two) further. How about a post in which (unnamed) players complain to Scott that they’re tired of hearing Helton make fun of the interim president? Or they don’t know how to take it when Clay brags that he could take out Swann “with one hand tied behind his back”?
    I enjoy these posts more than I can say. I just think Scott could be doing more in this area.

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    1. MG-he did step his game up a notch by pulling that photo out of safe storage featuring the infamous Ronald McDonald cleats…

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  2. I’ve had the pleasure of being amused by ole wolfman for several years.
    However, not once have I ever read an in depth article WITH INSIGHT about i.e. an SC recruit -walk on or 3* –who greatly improved his life during the 3-5yrs while at SC or an actual named interview with a young pro who reflected on his positive experiences while at SC.

    I will continue to believe in miracles.

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    1. Scott can & does write WITH INSIGHT —but he reserves it for articles warning in advance that Clay, Kiff, Sark, or Max don’t have the goods.

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  3. Everything Scott Wolf has pointed out about Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and now Bozo Helton has always been on point, with a little bit of exaggeration of course. That’s why the USC program has been a joke since Pete Carroll left. So since nobody hires anybody on merit anymore at the University, then writers like Wolf will always have legitimate material to write on

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