USC Wants “Shared Accountability”

USC interim president Wanda Austin delivered a state of the university speech yesterday.

Here was a quote that caught my attention: “Shared governance means shared engagement and shared accountability.”

This makes perfect sense. But let’s apply it to athletics. Is Lynn Swann engaged? Is he accountable to anyone? Is Clay Helton being held accountable?

USC has many issues that Austin must focus on as president and sports is not a high priority. But it would be nice if someone in the administration or Board of Trustees would become engaged in relation to the athletic dept.

If Austin’s statement is implemented, someone needs to get the disengaged athletic director off the golf course and into Heritage Hall to make sure the incompetent football coach is doing something to improve the program.


6 thoughts on “USC Wants “Shared Accountability”

  1. I could see that statement as a precursor to ‘Heads are going to roll’ if people do not fulfill their obligations…to be for warned is to be for armed. Failure may not be an option…sooner than later.

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  2. Just an observation and not to be critical of the interim pres, but hindsight is 20/20. When she became the top administrator at SC, she went in and lowered the boom on some folks. I’m not certain if she applied “shared engagement” and “shared accountability” mentioned in her speech to the university community. And for those people who feel that she may not be practicing what she is preaching, then her credibility will seemingly always be in question and perhaps challenged.
    Leaders who are consistent with their actions, deeds, and words are far more likely to have their followers get behind them unequivocally without question and/or hesitation. And the leaders who make a positive impact on the followers and make progress for the organization/entity will generally go down in infamy as time goes on.


    1. it is not always BS…if you support and enable incompetence, when one could have prevented it or fixed it , you will share in the blame, just like if you fixed it ,you will share in success…the premise is fine, it is intentions which we do not know. They need to hire asap a decent straight forward ethical honest person…there is one waiting.


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