USC Is Working Hard, Just Ask Them

I don’t find it a coincidence USC released a workout video (below) to show how hard they are working out this winter despite lacking a strength coach and criticisms of discipline inside and outside the program.

Isn’t it also convenient that one of the players featured is quarterback JT Daniels?

He needs some image rehab too after last season and you can bet the USC media machine will help provide it.


31 thoughts on “USC Is Working Hard, Just Ask Them

  1. Don’t be disappointed, Scott —-but this just might be for real. I believe these players want to win this season, & would like NFL careers someday—- and they know it’s ALL on them to be ready.

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      1. Pudly –Sorry for getting back so tardily —my wife made me watch Notting Hill for Valentine’s Day (she laughed, she cried, I threw up).
        Are you serious about J. T.—? I think he has enormous potential.

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      1. 67 —J.T. could definitely be more mobile but he’s still a leader with a good arm and—in spite of his UCLA game—- a ton of potential. We might see a very different J. T. come out of spring practice. And, if not, Sears has all the tools (although I’ve heard criticisms of his work ethic).
        Bottom Line: I really trust that Harrell, unlike Helton, knows exactly what he’s looking for and will pick the guy who gives us the best chance to take the Pac 12. He’s got too much on the line to play politics with this.

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  2. What the heck is SW’s problem? These are young men going at it, working hard, striving to be better. This guy has never been part of a team where you give it your all and die for your teammates- he’s just some demented old fart who enjoys chastising 18- 22 year olds. What a disgrace to journalism.

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      1. JT will physically mature this off season. He will have a year in the USC system and a playbook which plays to his strengths i.e. Notre Dame. It was hard to come into a gumbo system with gumbo linemen and a center who couldnt hike the damn ball.

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  3. Daniels threw an underwhelming (+/-) 1 TD per game on average and 0.8 intercepts per game/average. I can’t remember one game he won the game for SC on his arm. It could be interpreted he lost a couple of games for them on his own. But he had poor O-line coaching support (coaches did not prepare O-line for delayed rush stunts which goes back to the Wisconsin bowl game in 2015). I have confidence that Drevno and Harrell will do a competent job. But leadership has to come from within the team for sure.


    1. Although I really liked how Jack Sears played in his one start against ASU, JT Daniels was only a True Freshman last year and has a very high ceiling still- despite his penchant for throwing 50/50 balls. Sears might be a better QB and better fit, but this is definitely a good problem to have. I, for one, am excited for the football season to begin.

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      1. Couldn’t agree more, Arturo. Sears moves well —but he LOST the only game he played in (a game I think J.T. could have won). In any event, they’re BOTH good and I trust Graham Harrell to know who fits his system (and our o-line) best.

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      2. MG- gotta disagree with you, buddy. Tyler Vaughns dropped a sure TD in the end zone- perfectly placed I might add-that should’ve sealed the victory. Just wondering, how do you figure that JT would’ve won that game? Sears threw for like 325 yards, a couple of TDs (plus the dropped one) and ran one in. JT never had a stats even remotely close to those. I’m not going to dwell on the past too much or bash the true frosh Daniels, I just think Sears gives the team a better chance to win and has better passing touch than even I thought. Lastly, Sears did most of his damage in one half (2nd) and brought the team back from a double digit lead after Smoky had manhandled Troy in that first half. Sears made a believer out of me that day.

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      3. Arturo — Gotta admit I forgot about Vaughns (I think he might’ve even missed TWO critical passes that Saturday). Maybe I’m putting too much value on what J.T. did against Washington State —he was pretty damn good that day. Was that the real J. T. or just J.T. having a freakishly lucky game?


    1. Too bad he was getting hit 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage most of the time… Aca’ Ware is going to do even better this year! He is going to average 4.5 yards after contact! Too bad the line is going to let him get hit 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage!



    2. Wow PUS, J.T. can really ripple a rope. How that helps J.T. improve his game is a mystery known only to you and your band of rah-rahs.

      PUS, allow me to introduce you to the ESPN 2019 FPI (FB Pwr Index) ratings. You’re going to love this PUS.

      Please note what University FB teams are in the top 25 and which teams linger outside the FPI top 25.


  4. PUS say:

    “Funny thing is that Vegas has us tied for 17th best to win the National Championship.” Ruins? Not so much.

    If there was a chance in hell Clown U could make the NC playoffs, then why all the rah-rah, sunshine-pumping Helton SUCCX whining?

    The reason Vegas regularly sets attractive bozo playoff odds is that it attracts large amounts of Fat Cat, Clown U stupid money.


  5. Part of my problem with JT was all the hype that I heard about him before I saw him play. Once I saw his arm and saw his play, I had to wonder what all the fuss was about.

    When you play football, the coaches talk to you all week about the guys on the other team you have to watch in the upcoming game. The guys on the other team are hearing about you from their coaches all week too. The coaches can talk you until they are blue in the face about a guy, but you never know what makes the guy great until you see him and match up against him. As an example, if you’re a cornerback and there are two lethal receivers in your league, they could be completely different kinds of players, but everybody thinks of them both as being “great”. When you see and play against them, you come to find out what is special about them specifically and individually that makes them “great”. The two receivers can have completely different attributes, but they are really special in one or two ways, and once you get a taste of it, you understand intimately why they’ve developed a reputation. Even if you’ve heard about them all week or all year, you really don’t have a sense of what makes them great until you see/feel it for yourself. If they really are great, it’s kind of a jarring discovery when you experience whatever it is about them that’s special. It really wakes you up and focuses you in a way that a coach’s mouth never could. So, when I hear people talk about players being great, I know I have to look deeper and see what it is about them that is special that makes them great or potentially great.

    I wrote all that to bring it back to what I’ve seen in JT after hearing all the breathless reports about him preseason. I’ll preface my comments by reiterating that I expected to see more given all the hype that surrounded him and his arrival. However, what I’ve seen from JT that appears to be special is the kind of ball he throws. It’s not his accuracy, certainly not his arm strength or mobility or anything else. What is special is that JT throws a very clean, tight and soft ball. His balls look to be really catchable when they get to where they’re supposed to be. That’s it. It’s not as much as I was expecting based on the hype, but it is something, and hopefully it’s something we can build on.


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