USC Morning Buzz: The Clueless Crowd Tries To Defend Clay Helton

Nothing amazes me more than people who are aware of USC’s shortcomings under Clay Helton but still try to defend him.

It’s definitely a group decreasing in size but they cling to Helton winning a Rose Bowl and Pac-12 title as proof he has been a successful coach.

They don’t care that USC is on a downward trend. They don’t care Sam Darnold was responsible for Helton’s accomplishments. They ignore how undisciplined USC has become under Helton. They certainly won’t acknowledge USC won a conference title the year the Pac-12 went 1-8 in bowl games.

They don’t care that there is an ever-growing segment of the team that is turning Helton out. It used to hard to find these players but now it is easy.

They just want to defend Helton, so they paint anyone who criticizes him as being an irrational fan.

They can’t really provide answers on their own, they just know they support Helton. It’s like a cult.


37 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Clueless Crowd Tries To Defend Clay Helton

  1. I really dont know any long term USC fan personally that thinks Helton is the long term guy for the program. Most people think he is avery nice guy who is loyal to the program that after the Sark and Kiffin debacle was a good guy on the interim basis , , but i know no one who thinks he shouldnt be gone that are USC faithful .

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  2. Steve Sarkisian left Clay Helton a football program that had depth and talent, so instead of building on it, he took it in a completely different direction. And if you don’t notice, and acknowledge the decline, the you’re just a fan boy

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    1. Again Freddie just plain has his facts WRONG. How is a roster without a nose tackle or tight ends fully stocked? And Freddie, do you even remember the total number of scholarship players that Clay inherited?
      There is so much bullshit in your statements it causes me to wonder, are you really scottie writing under a pseudonym? You couldn’t be more wrong if you actually intended to be.

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      1. Pudly —Totally agree about the “stocked shelf of players.” It wasn’t stocked.
        The funny thing about Fred is that he’s actually so much like Helton himself —they’re both great at defending an illusion.

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      2. Whoa PUS, didn’t you once screech loudly “Facts matter,” in one of your recent PP posts.

        I’ve read your Fred “facts WRONG” BS post and I can’t locate one fact you’ve offered that supports your dogmatic “Fred” tirade. That’s hardly shocking when considering your mostly illogical, rant comments.

        Sark was fired on Oct 12, 2015, and Helton was appointed interim bozo FB head coach. Below, is a reference to 2015 Clown U, FB roster that Helton inherited.


      3. owns you stupid little ruin, all the seniors off that team left like at most schools (although at westwierd they stay 2 more years to get their ged). So that leaves us with NO nose tackles and 1 tight end. What part of your dumbass argument refutes that?
        Like most blowhards, you’re just full of crap.


  3. helton is a two faced ‘nice guy’…he says one thing ,knowing it is a lie’ cause he always does the opposite as he damn well pleases and it still does not work…he has never kept promises, and never will on his own volition, he is too prideful…someone will have to make him do what needs to be done,since they will not fire him. If and when SC gets a real president , heads will roll.

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    1. It’s funny how few people see how right you are on this point, Tim. Clay Helton is a master of saying one thing (just to shut his critics up) and doing another. He may be more adept at this than any coach USC has ever had. It comes so easily to him, in fact, that I think it’s an instinctive move, not an intellectual one.

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    1. Thanks for the shout out.

      Here’s the facts of the matter. I have been a USC fan for 35 years and in that time they have only been consistently national championship good under Pete, the rest of the time it has been just like it is now. It’s called perspective.

      And anyone who thinks Sams 2nd year was amazing while leading the nation in turnovers is delusional.

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      1. Well, obviously not as delusional as you are per what Darnold gave USC fans the 2 years he was there – it’s called hope – in spite of this moron Helton and his group of ‘Merry Pranksters’.

        For many of us, we attended when McKay was the head coach and never saw his like again until Pete Carroll – we are well aware of the ‘dry season’ and there are even a few who hailed from the Howard Jones era – it is very hard to find a solid top tier head coach or top manager in any profession.

        The sooner this overpaid incompetent sad excuse fool, Clay Helton, is gone the better.

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  4. Not wanting USC to make a move isn’t necessarily defending Helton. What is it about the moves USC makes that makes you want to see more of them? Every time the school moves it steps in shit. Spend the year sleeping in this $15 million dollar bed you’ve made and use the time to find the best person to lead this program for the next 10 to 15 years. Don’t just fire and hire yet again.

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    1. I like everything you’ve said….except the conclusion you’ve reached. What will occur in the next year that improves the university decision making process?
      I’m not trying to be flip cuz this isn’t a flip subject for me. I just don’t see a way out of this mess when the university cannot seem to get out of it’s own way… matter how much time they have to deliberate (e.g., check out the ongoing process to find a new president).

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      1. MG, I can’t even respond to you the way I’d like to because the post would be too long. I’ll just settle for what is the stark reality, which is the fact that we’re past the event horizon with Helton and this crew. As we sit hear in fantasyland, do we really think USC is going to now turn around and fire Helton and these coaches it just hired? Really? What’s the buyout number on all those contracts on top of Helton’s dough? They are obviously staying the course and all of this is just bitching and copy for Wolf. Unless the National Inquirer or any of you have something on Helton, he’s going to be the opening day coach.

        As I look at USC, I see an entity that very much needs to stop and gather itself. I also think that all the alumni involvement and influence at USC spawns some of the seemingly inbred stuff you see going on. Seriously, take a step back from yourself, regroup and find a different way forward. It’s okay to do that. No offense to you or any other USC alums.


      2. Clay –Thoughtful piece, as usual.
        [As far as the National Enquirer angle —if Scott is right about Helton being “turned out” by the team…..]…


      3. Replying to your comment about the N.E “Helton turned out” story: USC is so committed to Helton that to make it stick you better have video.


    2. ‘F’ Helton and anyone who thinks this clown ass is worth any money paid him esp. that lazy house hand Lynn Swann who sure knows how to swing a ‘golf club…..”What matters for me is that I get paid for doing nothing…I am Lynn Swann and this is the sweetest gig I’ve had since being the ‘President’ of the Boys Clubs of America….what fool I’ve got a powerful gasoline…a clean windshield and a shoe shine….


  5. Wow! So there’s a group of players “turning Helton out” now? Either Wolf just scooped another Title IX scandal or more than likely just another example of The Clay Helton of Journalism failing to proofread.

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  6. I don’t know any fellow alumni who defend Helton. I do know the blame for our football team’s decline has shifted to Lynn Swann. Helton is still our coach because Swann has failed to hold Helton accountable for bad coaching and team management.

    Helton is not going to quit or admit to a bad job the same way Scott Wolf didn’t resign from the newspaper. Helton, like Wolf, will have to be fired.

    I also know all of us have asked for Swann to be removed. Otherwise, why remove the Head Coach when the decision to hire a new coach will rest on Swann?

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  7. Is there a solution to the dilemma at SC that would be acceptable to all parties on this blog? I see the back and forth and concerned about what approach is best for the greater good. I know I don’t have all the answers and would hope that someone could step up to the plate and provide some substantive advice that will foster progress and minimize strife amongst posters, alums, and anyone else concerned about the future of SC. Please advise.


    1. Hey as long as they can drag that lazy cowardly clown ass JFK out who was martyred for getting whacked…”Jack our Jack…if only….why? ‘Ask not what your country can do for you but what your: sister, mother, wife, niece girlfriend, granddaughter, cousin — will doe for me this night…I am the ‘jockster’ akak ‘jock strap’….

      Welcome to the world of AOC demoncrat certified and approved by Liz Warren and Corey Booker but also by ‘hiz honor’ Eric white-bread Garcetti and his bunk mate Gavin Newsom

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      1. YOUR a complete asshole, cocksucker moron. What a F’n handle you
        display. Go kiss Trump’s behind while he shits in your face. How the person controlling this blog let your post go through is an insult.


  8. Yo PUS, Clown U’s official ignoramus, rants angerly :

    owns you stupid little ruin, all the seniors off that team left like at most schools (although at westwierd they stay 2 more years to get their ged). So that leaves us with NO nose tackles and 1 tight end. What part of your dumbass argument refutes that?
    Like most blowhards, you’re just full of crap.
    Tyler Petite FR TE 15 Rec, 145 Yds, 9.7 Avg
    Taylor McNamara SR TE 12 Rec, 83 Yds, 6.9 Avg
    Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick JR TE
    Cyrus Hobbi FR TE
    Connor Spears SO TE
    Caleb Wilson FR TE

    These are the bozo TE’s inherited as interim bozo HC.

    T. McN – done
    J. Fitz – could leave.

    Now PUS, in my world 5 – 2 = 3 TE’s for 2016.

    My factual crap is far superior to your ignorant, warped, faux bozo cognizant scribbled dysentery.

    BTW, PUS, if you had a GED your Enquish, 2nd-grade style syntax would be much improved.


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