The Luckiest Man Alive

Oregon State is in second place in the Pac-12?

Andy Enfield is really fortunate to coach basketball at USC, where no one pays attention to these things.

Besides, he needs to underachieve with next year’s big recruiting class.

Is USC’s talent level really equal to a 7-6 record in the worst Pac-12 season ever?

Enfield makes millions at a university that doesn’t really care about basketball while playing in a conference that is utterly incompetent in basketball.

He has to love it.

13 thoughts on “The Luckiest Man Alive

  1. Can’t agree …with most of this eval…higher ups seemed intent on ruining last years team incl Swann,the way they handled a starter,Melton. No one at SC ever defends these young athletes,they are treated guilty and punished before any proof . This yr it was injury plagued, much like West Virginia. Next yr could be a good one ,just like this yr could have been ,if people do not leave early. Plenty of people care about basketball,but like football,just need for some things to go ‘right’ for a change.

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    1. Scott Wolf IS trying to help, Pudly! His gentle criticisms are meant to challenge Enfield to aim higher and do better. [It’s sorta the same kind of help he gives Helton by running the photo of him with his mouth open].

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      1. Pudly doesn’t get it…he’s an idiot. On Wolfs previous blog site there was no bigger cheerleader for Helton and Swann than this clown Pudly. Any critique of Swann or Helton ( especially Helton ) would send Pudly over the edge and into hysterics making excuse after excuse after excuse for Helton incompetence.

        A few years ago when it came out that Clay Helton was nothing more than an errand boy when he was on Sarkisian’s staff Pudly nearly had a nervous breakdown denying that was true.

        It is true that Clay Helton was referred to as “errand boy” by Sarkisian and seen by others on his staff as just that, an errand boy.

        Clay hadn’t even reached “second rate coach at best” status until the other idiot Swann retained Helton and gave him a contract extension.


      2. There are the patient, loyal Trojans —like Pudly— who want to believe that this mess can be turned around with Clay in place (and even they aren’t crazy about Clay himself). And there are the impatient people –like you and me —who have had it with Clay. [I was part of the patient constituency until Clay brought Callaway back after the Cotton Bowl]…..


  2. I thought for sure this would be a post about how thankful Wolfie is to have a job in the face of his obvious uselessness. But alas, I give the author too much credit. Instead it’s just another negative story with ZERO insight. The pitiful little troll strikes again.

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    1. He gave me my first job out of high school. He also made good on my scholarship through USC and awarded me…I turned down an Appointment to Annapolis, Navy and Claremont McKenna largely because of him…He loved Trojan football lol…I often saw him, during my student years, at Saturday’s home football games and I could tell he was loving it. He was a good man…Thanks again, coach…

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      1. Instead of running into Randy Johnson, I would have run into the Admiral……that’s funny…I never thought about like that until recently…


    2. In fact, I was pretty much set to play basketball at NAVY late winter- early Spring, 1982…I was at Navy on a recruiting trip and formal offer awarded by the Assistant Superintendent of the Navy…….the day I flew home from the trip, Rod asked me to come down with family and friends and watch the Trojans play…Pitching that night for the Trojans was.Mark McGuire….Rod was a good recruiter.

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  3. The Wolfman is jealous!



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