The Sound Of Silence Hits USC Recruiting

It must be tough to be a USC recruiting reporter right now. There was nothing but crickets chirping on the commitment of Jordan Berry to LSU.

Let’s see: A defensive tackle from Narbonne who was offered by USC chooses LSU and no one says anything?

Guess they will wait until Berry says he might still take a visit to USC.

Inevitably, someone will say “Berry is only a three star.” But here is the catch: He is a three star that will get coached up by Ed Orgeron, a defensive line guru.

Are you going to tell me Greg Burns will coach up those three-star USC defensive backs? Pete Carroll would find that hilarious.


14 thoughts on “The Sound Of Silence Hits USC Recruiting

      1. The ‘bathyscape’ is descending with the brave Capt. Swann and his first mate Helton skilled at going where no legacy program has ever gone……USC football is morphing into the Venezuela of college football…a socialist graveyard replete with promises of success that only CNN would believe.

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  1. Scott says that Burns is a lousy coach. Perhaps, but:

    Burns coached 10 future NFL players at SC, including Troy Polamalu, Terrell Thomas, Darnell Bing, Will Poole, Eric Wright, Kevin Thomas, Cary Harris, Kevin Ellison, John Walker and William Buchanon.

    While Burns was the DB coach at Louisville, the Cardinals intercepted 27 passes one year, and 20 passes the next year.

    Give the guy a chance. Maybe, just maybe, he will coach up those 3 stars.

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  2. Burns is better than Bradford. The real problem is Gomer. Find some Inside USC info, like for example Lou Ferigno is the new S/C coach or Harrell is working with the QBs.


  3. Orgeron coming to SoCal for a 3* before he plays his senior year?

    Sounds like desparation to me. Maybe Orgeron can’t find young 3* in Dixie or Texas.

    I’ll bet that kid is stoked. WOW look at me!!

    Pardon me Beauregard, er Soviet… But I’ll bet that kid doesn’t know that the fifth season in the south lasts ALL YEAR. Mosquitoes.


  4. This is just Orgeron getting back at USC for not retaining him as head coach. Do you really think he wants a 3* California kid? But now according to Scott Orgeron, the man he deemed to stupid to be head coach, is a defensive genius.
    It probably was worth the trip to CA just get Scott to admit he was wrong about uncle Ed.

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  5. The talentless little troll comes through with yet another negative article with ZERO insight. Are you going to update us every time a 3 star recruit “commits” to another school?? Sad little man.


  6. Rusoviet: We need to make that into a poster and sell them at the FUCLA campus. Who knows, we might generate enough revenue to buy out CH’s contract (Lol)…


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