Morning Buzz: Is USC Recruiting LaMelo Ball?

Considering Andy Enfield can’t even handle coaching Kevin Porter, how do you think he would survive coaching LaMelo Ball?

But here was an exchange on the “show” Ball in the Family between LaMelo and Lonzo Ball:

Lonzo: Are you still trying to go to college?

LaMelo: Oh, I’m going for sure now. I actually talked to USC two days ago, talking to KU.

This is the second time LaMelo has referenced USC in recent months after putting a photo on Instagram that said he was visiting the campus.

Why USC, which at some point is going to be investigated by the NCAA for the Tony Bland case, would even entertain LaMelo Ball is a mystery. Is he even eligible after playing pro basketball in Lithuania? He signed with an agent and signed a contract to play but his father, LaVar, said Lamelo was not compensated.

Then there is an issue of LaMelo appearing in ads for the family’s Big Baller Brand. And Forbes magazine reported LaMelo’s school, Spire Institute, pulled out of a tournament because an outside consultant demanded a $10,000 appearance fee.

If all of that is not enough, who wants to deal with LaVar Ball?

Maybe LaMelo was lying about USC but it all seems like a big headache and one that is way over Enfield’s capacity.


17 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Is USC Recruiting LaMelo Ball?

  1. LaVar Ball is the female Kris Kardashian. It’s a wonder Kris
    K hasn’t made a move on LB considering how much the
    Kardashian women like the dark meat


  2. USC is not going to be investigated by the NCAA —- in fact, by the end of this year, the NCAA is going to be issuing USC (1) an apology for interfering with our “way of life” and (2) a $100,000,000 check for “past wrongs”.

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    1. Why bring the Ball family into the Trojan Family? Because they’re good —but misunderstood —-people.

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      1. Toxic, horribly toxic everywhere they go. It’s not the boys, it’s LaVar. Hes’s not a good guy, and certainly not misunderstood. He’s only about LaVar even at the sake of his own sons.

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      1. Exactly.

        I think Wolf knows what we go through and likes that we aren’t allowed to edit our comments because they could be directed at him.


  3. Here we go again. The NCAA exerts it has the right to disqualify someone from going to college for taking a job that (what?) earned money before he went to college?? I think they call this totalitarianism. Between the NCAA and Title 9 Kangaroo Courts they have the right to look into your private sex life, private conversations, electronic communications and, I can only imagine, how an athlete treats his family dog.

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