USC Bowl Projection

Brett McMurphy of Stadium projects USC will play Virginia Tech in the Sun Bowl.

Although USC never wants to play in the Sun Bowl, I suspect Clay Helton (and Lynn Swann) might take this deal today. Helton probably thinks he can keep his job with eight wins and Swann might be able to ignore his growing chorus of critics with a trip to El Paso.

At least Graham Harrell will be happy with a free trip to Texas.


13 thoughts on “USC Bowl Projection

  1. Bowl projection…seriously? LOL! I project that the Errand Boy will be sitting at home pondering another year about what he thinks went wrong as he wasted even more talent, how he underperformed and concluded with another sub .500 season record under his belt as he sits and watches teams with ten times less talent than what he had to work with, get ready to play in their bowl game.

    The only bowl Errand Boy will have a part of after next season will be the one he’s eating his Cap N’ Crunch out of.

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  2. McMurphy must be expecting SC to have an 8-4 record. This suggests he must have a very high opinion of Harrell, who turned around North Texas very quickly.

    If the 2018 team played the 2019 schedule, then it looks like another 5-7 year.

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  3. is the Toilet Bowl in question? Going to the stratosphere of playing for National Championships on January 1st and dropping the expectations to the Sun Bowl is just mind boggling. What a drop in presence, tradition, prestige, excitement, and aura. Swann needs to be fired, but fire Helton first and then himself. Let Harrell run the show.

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  4. If Clay Helton wins 8 games next season, then maybe he deserves to keep his job . But I’m curious as to who they’ll win eight games against, because their record will be 0-6 at the halfway point.?

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    1. I hope I’m wrong. But I don’t see 8 wins in next year’s schedule. I see 6 wins at best, and I’m not sure that gets you to El Paso. But with this administration Gomer keeps his job with 6 wins and claim that the team improved from last year.

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    2. Fred,

      I don’t see Helton winning 8 games.
      Truthfully i can’t see him coaching in the 8th game.

      1. We could see a Larry Smith/Memphis St style upset at the Coliseum in the opener against Fresno St.

      2. A week later Stanford.

      3. After that @BYU which now seems like a scary game.

      4. Utah looking to get a piece of Helton while he’s around.

      5. Most most likely a national prime time spanking @Washington
      6. @Notre Dame……….The nail in the coffin

      #Fire Swann & Helton


  5. I will think positive about our SC squad posting eight wins at the end of the 2019 season. As long as we win convincingly against Stanfurd, FUCLA, and to the chagrin if Cal75, Cal. And with that record, I don’t care if they go to the Turd Bowl…


    1. USC in California?
      2/4. Maybe.
      Everybody loves ya. As long as the NCAA has their hands full with youz guyz, they aren’t busy with us.


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