USC Names Commencement Speaker

U.S. Rep. Karen Bass will deliver USC’s commencement speech on May 10, the university has announced.

Bass has a Masters of Social Work degree from USC.

A crowd of about 60,000 are expected for graduation ceremonies.


10 thoughts on “USC Names Commencement Speaker

    1. Trojan67: I concur wholeheartedly. Hoping what she says will be substantive, sincere, and get the endorphins moving. We need an uplifting right now more than ever.

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  1. Instead of hearing the same ol’ crap from a liberal stinking democrat, (they are all that way), why didn’t they get Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, or Rush Limbaugh I’m here and just raise the roof with their exhilarating and breath taking speeches. But SC went Political Correct so they will have the same boring speech. I can save everyone the trouble. It goes like this: tax the rich for their fair share, women need more, let the democrats think for u, raise the taxes for the children, raise the taxes for school, climate change, women’s rights, men are pigs and are disgusting, need to embrace lbgtq or whatever the homosexuals call themselves, diversity, transgenders rights, climate change, and cow farts.

    I just saved u 40 minutes of hearing the same broken record that is being played over and over and over

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    1. ‘She’ isn’t a ‘she’ silly …. more to your liking let’s refer to all as ‘it’ that way we won’t offend any ‘transgender fruitcakes’ and their ‘flitting’ ‘fairies’ …..

      Time for the mantra and ode “Jack our Jack…if only…..Bobbie….Teddie….Lord/Lloyd Bentsen…Cousin Bill…..’barakska’….’la bruja’….who’ll show us the way? Gone are the days….”


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