Lynn Swann Is Really Full Of Himself

When Lynn Swann goes to Virginia in March to do an autograph show, he is going to charge $220 for a basic autograph.

For some perspective, at the same show Troy Aikman will charge $135. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will charge $110-130. Michael Irvin, a better wide receiver, will charge $135.

Maybe this is why I hear so many stories about Swann not signing autographs.

Now for the best part: If you check the website here, there is this disclaimer for Swann: “Lynn Swann will only do HOF or SB MVP inscriptions.  He will not sign personalizations or do Photo Op’s.  He will not sign trading cards, Goal Line Art Cards, unlicensed Jerseys, or jersey numbers.”

No one else has this many conditions for an autograph. This guy is really something else. Now I get why most of his former teammates will not offer any compliments when they speak about him.


23 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Is Really Full Of Himself

  1. Man that’s the ‘play’ Albert Pujols should use….that overpaid has been refused to sign any autographs, in fact, the question every year is will he match his weight in batting average?


  2. Speaking of price, I just got bent over today and was drilled by SC without any lubrication. I renewed four tickets today at $525.00 per ticket. Then they add administration costs of $125. Then I paid $500 for each seat for the PSL plus C&G. So you have $525 x 4 + $125+ $2000+ + $2000 =$6225.00 for this season not knowing if they are even going to have a winning season. My brother in is pissed about what we spent

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    1. If that’s what you paid for season tickets, imagine what food, parking and bookstore items (sweatshirts, tees, etc.) is going to cost this year.

      Even if the lubrication would have helped, you might not have any more money to buy more lube!

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  3. “When Lynn Swann goes to Virginia in March to do an autograph show, he is going to charge $220 for a basic autograph.”

    What would Swann charge for his autograph in Los Angeles?

    Lynn “Shit For Brains” Swann having signed his name to Clay Helton’s contract extension couldn’t attract a crowd and give away his autograph at any Dollar Tree store in the SoCal area if he tried.

    His name is mud.

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  4. The irony of the increase in seat costs for the 2019 season is there is no incentive for an SC student, alum, fan and community member to shell out that extra cash to go watch a team coached by a guy who doesn’t know his arce from a hole in the ground and our team isn’t even ranked in the top 100 of the NCAA college football rankings!!!
    The extra $ that is being thrust upon the starving SC students and dedicated alums and community members is probably going to pay for the exorbitant salaries Swann and Helton are collecting annually. I can’t believe all of this horseshit is being condoned by the BOT. What kind of University has our renowned university in Southern California become…I’m getting pretty frustrated with this clusterfu…k.

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  5. Not that I think Swann’s autograph isn’t worth anything, but I believe I would get more satisfaction going down to the Red light district and paying $220 for some action n lieu of handing some cash over to his sorry ass…Thats a crude thing to say right?

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  6. I am by no means anti USC and I usually don’t curse in print BUT
    A USC AD making over one million dollars a year attending a card show and charging to sign autographs is one fucked up decision on his part.

    Something is wrong with his brain.

    I went to high school & college with a member of the Steelers all 20th Century defensive team. Loren told me a couple of years ago that he felt honored when someone remembered him & would send him a card to be signed. It would be returned, signed even if postage was not included. BTW, Toews answers his own phone & is probably worth north of 50 mil. A humble man.

    Lynn Swann is a fool.

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  7. Where the hell are you MG? Are you vacationing with Pudly76? You know you’re the scale that brings balance to this blog. Come on back hombre…😎🖕🏼


  8. If there has ever been someone in the history of the planet more full of themselves than this blogger I have not heard of them. The way he stalks USC with his constant negativity is downright creepy. Someone should check to make sure he doesn’t have a collection of assault rifles and ammunition stored. If you see something say something.


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