USC Basketball Is Winning At Unprecedented Pace

USC plays its final regular-season home game today vs. Oregon State and the school announced the Trojans are in the midst of the winningest 4-year stretch in program history with 86 victories and counting. This surpasses Tim Floyd’s 85 victories in his four seasons.

Does this feel like winning?

During the past four years, USC has finished seventh, tied for fifth and second in the Pac-12. The Trojans are currently tied for fourth in the worst Pac-12 ever.

And what about the postseason?

USC has two NCAA Tournament victories in the winningest four-year period and one of those was in a play-in game.

Oh, and USC also won a single game in the NIT. And that was a double-overtime win over North Carolina-Asheville.

Does this feel like winning?


13 thoughts on “USC Basketball Is Winning At Unprecedented Pace

  1. It is difficult to compare cumulative wins over time, given that teams play many more games today. Take the 71-72 SC team, which played 26 games and went 24-2, with no tournament. Today, teams can easily play 36 games or more.

    That said, the 2016-17 Trojan team was a success, despite Wolf noting that they were tied for 6th in the conference. That year, they went 26-10, but the conference was stacked, with three teams having 30 plus victories and 3 teams in the top-10. They won two games in the tourney, and lost in the round of 32.

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    1. Who has Enfield beat in those 4 yrs. of any notable reputation.? He can’t
      hold a candle to Tim Floyd. Even O’Neill recruited Deadmon and Vucevic
      in a NBA starting lineup. This year’s team had one of the all-time worst
      lost to TCU at Home by 35 pts. Road record speaks for itself unless can
      sweep last three to end regular season.

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  2. I have watched SC basketball since the early 50’s, just like football. This basketball team has had numerous injuries to starters,and it has competed like most SC teams over the 60 years I have been watching , as the ardent supporter I am. Football lately not so much with the athletes they have, it is hard to believe.Baseball has been not so hot lately either.Track and Field has been pretty steady over the decades,I remember once SC even won an ncaa championship in gymnastics, with only 3 main gymnasts doing it all. Anyway, I liked Tim Floyd ,and he should still be the basketball coach, but Enfield is the coach, and he has done a reasonable job considering …

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  3. What a stupid question. USC Basketball is 85-47 over the last four years with a .643 winning percentage. When a team wins almost two-thirds of their games, well, I’m not sure what planet you’re from, but here on earth, sure feels like winning.

    Is USC and elite or near-elite program capable of contending for a NCAA Championship. No. But you didn’t ask that. USC is a good Pac-12 team capable of contending for conference championships. And if that doesn’t feel like winning to you, either there is something wrong with you, or your schtick is getting stale.


  4. I.G., remind me why Andyain’twinning is still the bozo HC in light of the fact that Tony Blanton pleaded guilty to recruiting for $$$$$$.

    It’s curious, but the HC responsible for high profile SUCCX Athletic BB Program isn’t held accountable for Blanton’s recruiting activities/felonies.

    Andya’intwinning claims he didn’t know squat, and gets a Max pass. But, isn’t it Enfield’s responsibility to know what his employees are doing in the name of SUCCX BB program.

    What’s good for Pitino should be good enough for Andyain’twinning.

    I’m anxious to find out how the NCAA views the Enfield’s “I didn’t know squat” act.


      1. I doubt it 67 because Wooden was also an English teacher.

        “I didn’t know squat” is straight out of the hood, and normally used by perps to sharply deny misdemeanors and felonies that usually occur in the ‘hood.’

        Oregan St. 67 – Andyain’twinning 62 @ the Barn, in front of 432 bozo fans.



    1. Money for recruits…WRONG… Money perhaps for trying to help an agent to use him for future pro career and add no jail time…a no nothing just like you…a big nothing…grow up sometime soon.


      1. The peckerwood….always a ‘pass’ for ‘the peckerwood’….. “I have a clear conscience…” Yeah, you do jonniekins no one ever had the temerity to call you out on your phony ‘pyramid of the con’.


  5. Scott is trying, and succeeding, at redefining “TDS” from Trump Derangement Syndrome to Trojan Derangement Syndrome. Even when something happens that’s good, you gotta make it bad. Would hate to be around his breakfast table every morning. Mom: “Scottie, dear, would you please pass the award winning salsa your Auntie made for that Hispanic Food Festival last month?” Scott: “That cultural appropriator can go F herself.” *leaves table, stomps off to bedroom.


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