Another Recruiting Issue For USC

There is also another reason why USC’s stock is falling with recruits.

“They aren’t putting a lot of guys in the league either,” a recruiting analyst who speaks to recruits often said. “There is a question about how much this coaching staff develops players.”

This is why Elias Ricks talked about LSU having more defensive backs drafted than USC in recent years, when he committed to the Tigers.

LSU has had 18 defensive backs drafted since 2005. USC has had 12.

Maybe a lot more telling is how many of those guys are playing and contributing. LSU has Patrick Peterson, Corey Webster, Tyrann Mathieu and Eric Reid as a top four. Can you name one USC player who is an NFL star corner or safety among the 12?

Adoree Jackson is best known but hasn’t been an NFL star. Shareece Wright has had a nice career. T.J. McDonald has played OK. Who else?


17 thoughts on “Another Recruiting Issue For USC

  1. Crazy!! LSU had more db’s in the league since just before the sanctions hit? Crazy talk!

    Is your friend swanson who recruits don’t talk with? The one who’s melting down on twitter every time he gets drunk and starts picking on the kids? The one banned from campus? Why won’t you tell us the names? They’re supposed to be professionals and should be revealed. espn, cbs, fox, etc all reveal sources, why not you? Here’s a sample of swanson’s recent tweet with a recruit’s father:

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      1. The former partner of Adam maya on rivals(usc) banned from campus, started calling recruits liars and announced their commitment (Steele) prior to the kid’s own announcement, then started getting weird…fired from rivals then started usc247. Its scottie’s other job, where he posts his real articles behind a paywall.


    1. Found you that hat you were asking for, peckerhead


  2. This goof ‘Chris Swanson’ has an awful awful amount of bile from one source as to equate to a truly deeply troubled life and ‘if’ ‘Chris Swanson’ is actually ‘Scott Wolf’ than the latter is in very deep angst….this soul is to be truly pitied no matter who it is.


  3. The larger point, regardless of how it was teed up (take it for Tee or golfing, no matter), or more to the point, by whom, is that the number one thing that USC football’s success has largely, if not specifically talked about, been built on is selling the NFL…and since Pete left, his successors (save for Ed’O), have failed abysmally…and it has not been sanctions, since as the numbers clearly show USC has still, until the last year, garnered a top five in the nation share of recruits, but rather poor coaching (both the team in terms of scheme and attitude, as well as the positions in terms of technique)…we are staring at an NFL draft with no Trojans going in the top three or four rounds…that is beyond flabbergasting…it’s gut-wrenching…when players like Mama, Toa, RoJo, Adoree, JuJu, Biggie, Jack, Cam, Carr, etc, etc, picked USC, it was not for this, and there is no way that there shouldn’t have been a boatload of first round picks coming out of those classes…it is Helton, Clancy, and the rest of the buffoons that Haden and Swann have shackled the program to.

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  4. Eric Reid as mentioned from LSU might as well cancel out at least one other LSU db.
    Per PFF101, CAL has more top current NFL players than any other school.

    SC recruits 4* & 5*, great athletes. Many seem to lack discipline. Coach Helton needs to get a couple of Navy Seals in camp & teach these kids what the concept of teamwork & discipline really is. Probably a third of the team would start crying or quit.

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    1. BigBear:

      Think I’d still take a lineup of top USC players…Rodgers, Lynch, and Jackson were/are all great, albeit also somewhat declining due to age…but a USC NFL team, despite the calamities of Kiff/Sark/Hell, would still include Jurrell Casey, Everson Griffen, Leonard Williams, Nickell Robey, Clay Matthews, Uchenna Nwosu, Robert Woods, Nelson Agholor, Buck Allen, Sam Darnold, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Tyron Smith, Matt Kalil, Adoree Jackson, etc…USC football, at least until now (going forward…um…yeah…let’s revisit that later!), has been the college football equivalent of (taste dependent of course) Led Zeppelin – lesser (Presence or In Through The Outdoor) would be a career best for others…

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