Oregon State Defeats USC

In case you do not get the Pac-12 Network, like me, USC was 0-6 on free throws.

USC trailed 57-56 with 2:45 left but Oregon State then made 10 straight free throws. Jonah Mathews had 15 points and Bennie Boatwright 13 in his final regular-season home game.

USC is 15-13, 8-7.


10 thoughts on “Oregon State Defeats USC

  1. We may have scored fewer points —but Oregon State did not defeat us. We played hard and the road ahead is brighter than ever.

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  2. Easy come easy go I always say. What that has to do with anything is unknown. But I would be lying if I said I care.
    The last time I enjoyed watching a USC basketball game was when my dad ran the sound system for the gym at Cal State LA. Before they were golden eagles. Cal State won but I wasn’t rooting for the Trojans anyway.


  3. They have not been a good free throw shooting team all yr,therefore not anything but avg shooting team. The loss of Nick early on doomed the game for them…I have no idea what he did,I was watching it on tv, and the osu coach complained about something, the officials decided he was right and he left the game.

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  4. Nothing like Flow failing to mention the win over Oregon but making sure to quickly post the loss to OSU. Classic. Such a complete douche. Also, I get the PAC-12 Network.


      1. A couple hrs ago I read Dan Webers write up on the game, he stated he fouled,that’s 5 fouls in 9 mins, and 1 was a flagrant foul, which I did not see, and somehow I missed the 5 fouls in 9 mins too…


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