JT Daniels Speaks

JT Daniels spoke to the Athletic and said this about the QB competition.

“Every job should be open every season. It’s kind of the way football works and the way life works in general. You can’t get complacent. You can’t just expect to have everything handed to you.”

He also defended USC coach Clay Helton.

“Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. It’s very easy to share your opinion with today’s methods. I will, always have and always will, stand completely by Coach Helton because I can tell you firsthand from someone that’s actually on the football team, there’s a whole lot of blame that goes on players not making plays. It’s not exclusively coach’s fault. I bet if you ask Coach Helton (if) he could have done anything better, he would be the first one to tell you there are things he could have done better.”

At least he is loyal to Helton, who protected his job status without fail.


12 thoughts on “JT Daniels Speaks

  1. J.T. “Weak Ass Arm Hail Mary Throwing” Daniels needs to shut his trap and get in the weight room.

    If Daniels can’t see that he’s working with a second rate at best head coach then he too should enter the portal and give one of the other QB’s on the roster who don’t have shit for brains a shot at running the offense.

    I’m not pulling anymore punches with these self entitled thinking Snowflakes trying to make themselves sound like they’re all about the team.

    BTW, whatever look or image Daniels is trying to portray isn’t working…dirty grunge went out in the 90’s. The guy needs to grow up.

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    1. In fairness, the kid has to back-up Helton if only to return the foolish decision Helton made in sticking with him when Spears briefly replaced him.

      However, that final pick he threw in the bel-air tech game was telling esp. post-game comments when he claimed it was ‘…out of control…’ no it was a perfect spiral to the defender and even more indelible was his grimace turning into self-pity as he saw it getting caught.

      Helton is a dolt…he never should have been promoted to ‘head coach’ any more than Charlie Weis deserved for ‘the princess’… the same result except Swarbrick didn’t compound his ‘hunch’ by giving Weis an extension.

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    2. What’s he supposed to say? Any negative comments and he’s mocked by every coach in the brotherhood. I hope he transfers and people get to see how hard a QB position is with shite coaches, play calling, and no OL.

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      1. Daniels has gone out of his way to praise Helton every chance he gets.

        However much that has to do with Helton having assured J.T. and his father of guaranteed playing time is anyone’s guess. My guess is that it has a lot to do with why he keeps heaping praise on a second rate head coach who doesn’t deserve it and sure as hell hasn’t earned it.

        No one wins, benefits and or progresses by continually praising incompetence.

        The overwhelming majority of people who are fans of Trojan football and CFB in general realized long ago that Clay Helton, is and has been in way over his head, we all know this so why is Daniels trying to convince us otherwise?

        Like I said before, Daniels would be better off keeping his trap shut, that way he stops making himself look stupid.

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  2. I think JT has integrity and will work hard to keep the starting QB position. I still don’t think he should have played after what Jack Sears did against ASU, and that the starting QB position should have been up for grabs again. However, JT and dad decided that it would be in his best interest to be retained in 8th grade. This tells me that he is very serious about his career and will do what it takes to start and win. I will take this attitude every day of the week and twice on Sunday- even if he doesn’t start.


    1. “JT and dad decided that it would be in his best interest to be retained in 8th grade.”

      That tells me that there’s a lack of confidence which seems to be a hereditary trait that runs in the Daniels family.


  3. Daniels is a good QB, but not a great one. He can’t hold a candle to the likes of Darnold, Palmer, Lineart, and all the rest of the QBs who played for SC and were WINNERS. I wouldn’t expect him not to say anything positive about his head coach. However, he gives me the impression that he wants to be in good stead so as to be in contention to remain the starter. Moreover, the way he described Helton looked to me like an indirect way of kissing his backside. A solid QB does not have to reinforce his HC if the HC is a GREAT ONE. But since that clearly isn’t the case, the rhetoric conveyed by Daniels is to be expected.


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