A Reaction To JT Daniels

So JT Daniels told the Athletic, “Every job should be open every season. It’s kind of the way football works and the way life works in general. You can’t get complacent. You can’t just expect to have everything handed to you.”

Let’s hope he feels that way in case Graham Harrell overcomes the pressure from Clay Helton and makes Jack Sears the starter. My guess is Daniels won’t feel it’s the way football works and will find his way to the NCAA transfer portal.

Of course, I will believe Daniels loses the job when it happens. Status still matters at USC.


22 thoughts on “A Reaction To JT Daniels

  1. JT wins the battle. While I enjoy your posts, you don’t seem to know much about what positives JT showed as. FR with horrible coaching, running game, and no TE. He is not Max Brown, nor is anyone else Darnold.

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    1. Why don’t you enlighten us as to all the “positives” Daniels displayed throughout his freshman year.

      As the other poster noted Daniels was still throwing off his back foot at seasons end.

      Daniels showed zero ability to take any initiative regarding being able to change up protection pre-snap. Zero ability to read defenses at all to audible out of disasterous play calling a Pee Wee league defender could predict coming.

      So come on, let’s try and be somewhat real here when discussing J.T.’s development that was by all means non-existent.

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      1. Tebow — You have entertained us for what seems forever —BUT—- J. T. looked great against Washington State (the 2 point conversion alone should resolve any doubts as to whether or not he has potential). His stats as a freshman compare favorably with Barkley’s —and he accomplished this behind a WAY weaker o-line, including a center who dribbled the ball to him so often that he began almost going to a knee to take the snap (thereby losing roughly a half second of time in going through his progressions). If he gets the starting job this year it’s gonna be because he earned it.

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      2. The greatest advancement in terms of development is made between a players’ first and second year. I hope JT does just that. He was, after all , a True Freshman. Most True F are not going to play like the Clemson kid or how Tua did last year. This is coming from someone who thinks Jack Sears should’ve started.

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    2. The kid hadn’t a clue of what a college defensive rush looked like because he’d never faced anything like it in high school. Top it off he had no idea how to scramble because – again – he never had to do that in high school. So much for the ‘training camps’ he attended and that coach telling everyone that the USC coaches “…need to give him the keys to drive the program…’ to victory.

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    3. Very close to the same numbers as Barkley. JT will win the job because he is smarter than Matt and Jack. He beat them out with vey little time and he showed his potential in the Air Raid vs Notre Dame

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  2. I want the best quarterback to play no matter which player that is. If we have a Ferdinand, a bull in practice who turns into a flower sniffing cow during a game, we need to have a strong plan B and or C.
    J. T. Is right the next best quarterback is right around the corner on the bench. Our offensive coordinator needs the ability to yank an ineffective player for one who has the hot hand.
    If a quarterback is crowned the edge is taken off and the kid feels safe. This cannot happen this year.

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  3. You thought that kid from Arkansas was the second coming a few years ago. How did he work out? You have proven yourself a pathetic talent evaluator and you play more favorites than Helton ever did.


  4. So,
    1) Harrell must overcome Helton’s pressure and
    2) name Sears the starter and
    3) Daniels will change his mind about open competition and
    4) this will cause Daniels to transfer from SC

    Talk about concocting your own little fantasy world.

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  5. Daniels is the third in a series of “hail mary” high school quarterbacks to come to SC: barkley, brown and now Daniels. The hail mary worked in high school but does not work at the college level, at least it didn’t with Barkley and Brown and the first year of Daniels. But the coaches had Daniels throwing that type pass especially early in the season to no real impact. Daniels average 1 TD/game and almost 1 INT/game. The long ball never really clicked. SC looked lackadaisical and like they were going to lose even when they won, except for the very last game (after coaches were on their way out or fired). In that last game against Notre Dame, Helton switched to a short passing game averaging 9.4 yards per completed pass and 1 passing TD, 72% completion percentage, and finally played valiantly but flopped offensively in the second half as they did all season. That game was more “air raid” type short pass game. ND averaged 16 yards/completed pass and passed 49% of the total 75 plays. Lost 2 fumbles and had 8 penalties so 7.5 percent of the offensive plays were losers. The center may have contributed to the 2 fumbles and was the coaches “pet”, as was Daniels, Vorhees, etc. This playing the pet cost them Ykili Ross by defection who was needed by the seasons end. After the season, this cost them more defections and most of the major five star recruits. Not once did Helton try another QB to see if they had a hotter hand or could break off a long run and turn around a game. That is what we are looking at going into 2019.

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  6. I honestly would prefer Sears. I saw more from him in a loss than from JT all year. But what do I know?

    That being said, your hatred of JT is a bit over the top.

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    1. where do you read hatred of Daniels in the statistics I presented or the lack of scoring productivity they did not generate? I intentionally tried to keep clear of opinion. I expressed disdain for Helton’s practice of playing “pets” because of it causing defections and transfers. that is not Daniels’ fault.


      1. Would there was a transfer portal for sports blog writers. But then I would miss my morning laugh. I just wonder, do you actually take yourself seriously Wolf?

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  7. Wolf’s website is not journalism or even news, it is the gossip column and Wolf doesn’t pretend it is anything else. So slam wolf if you wish but be reminded that he is not trying to do journalism or news reporting. And it appears he is doing this as a hobby.


  8. The CAL blog, the other SC sites…blah blah blah yes yes yes good good good.
    At least this place has a little wit sometimes & a little humor. Not you owns-don’t get your hopes up.


  9. Is it just me, or does JT Daniels look like a 70’s porn star, with that stupid looking mustache, and goatee? 😂


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