The Trojan Who Won An Oscar

With the Oscars tonight, it’s always good to remember Cotton Warburton.

Warburton (above with the ball) is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, was an All-American in 1933 at USC, led the Trojans in rushing in 1932-33 and played on the undefeated 1932 national championship team.

If that was not enough, he won an Oscar for best editing in 1965 as the film editor for “Mary Poppins.”


14 thoughts on “The Trojan Who Won An Oscar

    1. Marion Morrison aka John Wayne was better in movies ,I liked his movies…football? never heard about any awards there…ward Bond same thing.


      1. I always thought John Wayne was a bit of an over-actor in the western films he did. The one movie that he did a really good job in was, “The Quiet Man”.


  1. I remember sitting at SC games in the 50’s watching the starters play the entire game offense and defense,and my Grandfather would talk about those 30’s teams,I used to think that is so long ago Gramps…20 years. It seems like yesterday watching Jon Arnett,running the ball…perspective perspective perspective. Thanks for the memories Wolf…Warburton,Drury,etc…Aaron Rosenburg was another SC HOF all American, and famous movie mogul…out of the early 30’s

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    1. TimL: Thanks for mentioning what transpired back in the day when America didn’t have terrorism, HIV, and SC football in SoCal was alive, well, and thriving. If everyone’s grandpop were alive today and witnessing what is happening, they would no doubt shake their heads…

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    1. At my high school back in 1973, they had Fleetwood Mac play. Stevie Nicks was there playing the piano and all dudes had drool coming down their chin. They needed a mop and a bucket to clean up the slobber after that night

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  2. Not sure if anyone will see this, as it is late, but lots of great stuff guys – thanks to #tebowobama, #timleftwich, #arturo, #pasadena trojan, #drjess


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