USC Morning Buzz: Spring Hype Season Is Here

USC opens spring practice a week from today. So I will offer a note of caution today about what you read once practice begins, especially if you favor outlets that are usually soft with their coverage.

The fact is spring does not translate all that much. Two years ago, USC coach Clay Helton referred to the Trojans’ front seven as “violent” during spring practice. They gave up 263 yards rushing to Western Michigan in the season opener and didn’t scare too many people that season.

I could google all the stories where someone hyped wide receivers who are not even at USC anymore. Or how about training camp last fall? There were breathless reports about JT Daniels, including his ability to make a back-shoulder pass. How did that work out?

You can just bet there were will be a lot of cheerleading for new offensive coordinator Graham Harrell. He might do a great job next season. But you won’t know it from watching 7-on-7 plays or 20 minutes of scrimmaging in a spring practice, especially when USC has three scholarship cornerbacks (Isaac Taylor-StuartOlaijah Griffin and Greg Johnson) back from last season and none is exactly seasoned.

At least we won’t be hearing yet about some new strength coach making a huge impact because Helton hasn’t hired one yet.

  • I mentioned former USC safety Charles Phillips was signing autographs Sunday at the Pomona Fairplex. Saturday was even better as the event featured several past USC players: Ron Mix, Anthony Davis, Mario Celotto and Rod Martin.
  • Chuma EdogaPorter GustinMarvell Tell IIIIman Marshall and Cameron Smith are participating in this week’s NFL combine.
  • Former USC alumni won several awards at the Academy Awards on Sunday night: Regina King (best supporting actress); Ludwig Göransson (best original score); John Ottoman (best film editing); Rayka Zehtabchi (best documentary short).

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Spring Hype Season Is Here

  1. Everyone knows that an automobile runs better when it’s “tuned-up”. Similarly, if a football squad is tuned-up then it should perform much better. My question is: How can SC’s new OC execute his offensive strategy successfully if the players on the team are not fully prepared physically? If the
    players are in shape and ready before spring training kicks off, then Harrell won’t need to be concerned about his offensive strategies not being executed at the fullest extent. The
    analogy I would like to apply to this is: You are at a dragstrip with two (2) high horse-powered vehicles ready to compete. One of the cars has been thoroughly tuned and ready. The other car did not get tuned properly due to not having a master mechanic available. You already know the results of the race.
    When SC played Ohio Stste several years ago in a bowl game, they were dominated physically. Bear in mind there was an S+C coach intact. Imagine going into the first game with Fresno State not prepared and ready physically. We could hope for the best, but it could get ugly.

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    1. drjess —You are right about the importance of this particular spring practice. Our quarterback and receivers need to learn how to run Graham’s version of the spread under pressure. I hate to keep relying on boxing analogies but I know from experience that a lot of punches that feel great against the heavy bag don’t work for you in an actual fight. It’s hard to watch our receivers not catch balls just cuz they’re getting roughed up and the Pac 12 refs aren’t calling penalties. For Graham Harrell to get off to the right start, our guys have to learn the new offense while being harassed. The way they LEARN this offense is really important to the way they’re gonna PLAY it.
      P. S.
      A doctorate from USC is no joke. Congrats.
      P. P. S.
      Don’t you hate it when people on this site bitch about the fact that Scott occasionally writes about something other than USC sports? We’re lucky Scott provides this forum. And what the fuck is wrong with Scott being interested in aspects of USC culture outside of sports?

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      1. MG: You are a smart and good man. I thank you for your compliment. With respect to Scott, I know that some of the posts (especially the critical ones) are “driving him to drink” or the proverbial “up a wall” syndrome. Whatever the case, at least he provided a blog that enables a variety of dudes (haven’t seen any posts from chicks) from all walks of life. I will end this post with something my late father use to iterate after too much Kentucky Straight Bourbon: It’s good to be hard, and it’s hard to be good…

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  2. Hey Pud:
    You are absolutely right about me not being able to do anything about Trump simply because he’s still in office. And after thinking about it, I’m certain you will agree that Trump and I have a lot in common, I.e., Trump doesn’t take his security briefs from his advisors and would rather tweet than read; and as you brought out in a post that I don’t read, and make posts indiscriminately without having substantiation. I guess I have to work on that.
    I respect your notion that you think I don’t have the academic credentials I do in fact possess. However, I can assure you that during my arduous quest earning it at SC, I did quite a bit of reading and learned what substantiation us all about.
    If you promise to not post any more videos with kids and bananas, I will refrain from putting on a post of you and Cher wearing nice dresses at the Oscars in LA (LOL..hahaha😂😂😂)..🖕🏼


    1. Wow, threatening me with homophobic tirades! Fitting for an educated person. You can claim all you want. But the hole you dig just keeps getting deeper. You tried to shame me when I suggested someone could work for the nazis, yet you find it titilating to use homophobic humor? Cute, and becoming a person of such acclaim as yourself.

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      1. Hey Pud: Just because YOU’RE (ala Cal75) paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you…(LOL) hahaha


      2. Hardly paranoid. Just admire your tendency for homophobic responses. I was always taught it was the ignorant and “little” people who had to put others down through prejudice and hate..whether through words or actions. Your response is weak and as heartless as your innuendo and inference.

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      3. Hey Pud: That might be a good summation of my life, i.e., getting deeper in debt and sinking deeper in shit. I guess now I don’t need a psycho therapist simply because you have provided the healing insight that I needed and always wanted.


      4. Check out Pudly’s graduation cap he’s wearing, he even made one for his cat.

        I don’t even want to know where he’s wearing his tassel.

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  3. Due to USC football being in a black hole of doom, I, taking any hype right now as a positive. Helton is not going anywhere this season and I hope the team knows how important this year is to them and everyone. If they lay an egg this season, it’s just going to be much more ugly this time next season. I’m sick of being excited that we beat Oregon State or played well against the Leprechauns. It’s been the roughest round since Lendale did not get that first down. Some highs, but more lows. I’m so hungry for “potential” but I also understand it’s doubtful Helton will win more Han 7 games next season.


  4. SCooter,

    Maybe for the next week, instead of writing about USC, maybe you can write about how SC has been or has affected the Oscars. You can write how many alumni or associates have won an Oscar from SC, how do they rank in terms of which college has produced the most Oscar winners, and trivia things regarding the SC and the Oscars. That might bring some joy and happiness in your life.

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  5. At this stage, the choice of JT Daniels over Matt Cassell hasn’t panned out. Cassell’s one start for Miss. State looked better than any Daniels start. But of course, this is at this phase.


      1. Revoke Haden’s degree? You know, tebow, you just might have something there. Seriously. It wouldn’t undo any of the damage Haden caused —but it sure would be a nice symbolic gesture.

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      1. Only Wanda Austin can revoke your degree, drjess —-and if she hasn’t fired Swann yet I don’t think she’ll be taking action on ANYTHING…..

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  6. Hey Pud: Had you not mentioned any reservations about my academic credentials, as well as, the other bullshit perspectives about me, I wouldn’t have responded on the blog like those dudes who wanted to stone Mary Magdalene. I think I will now heed to Cal75’s advice and cease and desist with the ad hominum while I’m ahead. Have a wonderful day my friend.


    1. You continue to rationalize your homophobic responses? You can’t fix the problem till you recognize it. Homophobe is as homophobe does. Even one as educated as you (ha) should be able to see that.
      And putting your response where it isn’t in the same thread is the kind of chicken crap I see from owns. As far as who started this discourse, I’d check your recent comments about and toward me when I hadn’t even posted anything.

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      1. For the record, I’m a heterosexual, married to one, and don’t have any qualms about heterosexuals; or even guys who happen to enjoy wearing dresses and going to Oscars with tall women..(Lol) hahaha


      2. Still with the passive aggressive put down on people who’s sexual preference isn’t what you consider normal. How ever you try to wash your hands of it, it just seems to stick. And why with the defense of your own sexuality, I never questioned it, just your character. Homophobic creep.


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