USC Quote Of The Day

Here’s a good quote from new USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell today:

“You don’t get in this profession to be average. You get in this profession to win championships.”

Clay Helton wants to win championships but is also below average.

Clancy Pendergast and John Baxter are below average.

Graham, welcome to USC.


22 thoughts on “USC Quote Of The Day

  1. North Texas went from 340 yards of total offense before Harrell, to 456 yards of total offense during the year that Harrell arrived, and 460 yards of offense the next year.

    If he implements that kind of change here, then he will be one of the most sought after coaches in football. Harrell knows exactly what he is getting into here with Helton and others, and what the upside is.

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    1. That’ll warm ‘Swann’s’ indolent backend to hire him and bask in having others tell him (Swann) how brilliant he is…matters not to me just as long as Helton is gone by the bel-air tech game if not sooner.

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    2. Trojan67: Thanks for the stats on SC’s new OC. There’s nowhere to go but up for that young man. In addition, he looks like he will maintain his poise amid the chaos coming from the undynamic duo…


    3. What 67 failed to reveal SUCCster’s, is Harrell’s last No. Tixas game, at the “New Mexico Bowl” vs #23, Utah St., No. Tixas lost a real close game 52 -13.

      That Utah St. victory implies that a competitive FB team with a good defense will easily negate Harrell’s offense/game plan.

      Just saying.


      1. The Mule isn’t wrong…but those paying attention already knew that (just watching Peterson punish Leach the last two seasons should be enough for the west coast only crowd, if they weren’t watching what invariably happened to Big 12 teams in the playoffs…the Big 12 is the home of the Air Raid, and it has been the only joke eliciting nearly as much laughter as the Pac 12 on the national stage…and this isn’t exactly a recent development)…


      2. I also failed to mention that the Chipper’s winning percentage since 2014 is about 25%. Now that every “good defense” has figured out the big boy’s game plan, he can’t win. And yet he snookered Westwood Tech into giving him a 4 year, $24 million contract. Nice!

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    1. For his sake I hope he’s a genius at the frog version of the game of life, because he just got lured by an attractive but poison morsel onto the wrong lily pad…

      But the 550 yard games against overmatched opponents (of which there will be few this week) will give him some resume fodder for his next leap…

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  2. Is Grahm Harrell responsible for controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, too ? 😂😂 Wait until Harrell gets a kick out of how stupid, and clueless Clay Helton is. 😂

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    1. …and how fast Fancy Clancy can give back (and then some) any success he can muster…his agent should have shown him the tape of that 2012 51-62 Oregon game (lest he was feverish at the time of signing the contract and deluded into believing last season was an aberration)…

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      1. I’d say the Rose Bowl 7 drive skein, Bama and Irish debacles, and inability to stop the run against a 3 win ChipsAhoy pretty much gets BigKiff off the hook…that he still has a job is the smoking gun in this farce…but as you’ve stressed, let’s stick to the positives that the upgrade from Clay/Tee will provide the opportunity for…

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      2. James —Your litany of Clancy cock ups would be funny if it weren’t true. [Each one of the scoring barrages you mentioned was a direct result of Clancy’s governing assumption: USC corners will ALWAYS know where they’re supposed to be in spite of sub mental d-back coaching].


      3. Lots of easily identifiable ingredients in that stew…as you astutely indicate, a huge portion of poor defensive back coaching (glaring example being the systemic failure of corners turning their heads back to find the ball, usually following having failed to jam at the line, even though in Clancy’s man coverage scheme this is all but required)…failure to mix man and zone coverages or to run delayed blitzes/stunts…failure to rotate players…defensive line running around instead of playing through blocks…poor tackling (this latter a huge cardinal sin stemming from the head coach’s failure to instill physicality through poor practices…which again points out the lunacy of thinking that any meaningful change can occur by changing only the OC)…that Rose Bowl performance is the iron clad protection the blogger operates from behind…touchdowns on seven consecutive drives (back and to the left)…the crowning achievement apologists point to (winning that game) being due almost solely due to Sam conjuring like a Merlin…


  3. SC oline better start learning how to pick up the blitz or it’s going to be a long painful season for JT the anointed one.


  4. Yo 67, he be saying:

    I also failed to mention that the Chipper’s winning percentage since 2014 is about 25%. Now that every “good defense” has figured out the big boy’s game plan, he can’t win. And yet he snookered Westwood Tech into giving him a 4 year, $24 million contract. Nice!

    Yet, despite your CK analysis 67, Chip and his 2 – 8 Bruins bitchslapped the 5 – 5 bozos 34 – 27. Ding goes the Vic Bell!

    I’d be willing to bet the amt. of your yearly 5 figure donut budget against the total worth of say, 5 abandoned vehicles/homes on Figueroa, that SUCCX Rah-Rah’s such as yourself 67, wished CK was the Bozo HFBC.

    Just saying 67.

    BTW 67, I thought “snookered” applied to St. Pat’s premium buyout of Sark’s UDub HFBC contract; that, after the Huskie laughter subsided, UDub applied the St. Pat B/O $$$$ to recruit Coach Peterson, St. Pat’s original target.

    Ding goes the Vic Bell!

    Cheers 67.


    1. Nope – wouldn’t want Kelly as coach of SC. It is so obvious why. He can’t recruit. He can’t win. His gimmicks are now well understood by d-coordinators. ucla is his retirement package. Enjoy!


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