USC Picture Of The Day

This is a pretty scary photo. The USC brain trust. Poor Graham Harrell probably wishes he never got thrown into this. Does anyone find these guys believable as a successful group? I’m sure you can come up with your own caption.

What won’t be taught at the clinic? Culture? Discipline? Schemes? Personnel? Staff?


24 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

    1. Your comment is right on target ….as to two out of three. USC fans have to pin ALL their hopes on Graham Harrell now. We already know what the other two are capable of —and it’s not pretty.

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      1. I hope you’re right. It’s been frustrating as hell watching so much talent being wasted at USC since Carroll left.

        Even with the sanctions the Trojans had enough players to be able to compete at a very high level.

        If not for a few missed opportunities with regards to the head coach hires, USC would and should have had one, if not two more national titles by now.

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  1. To paraphrase a Charles Bronson line from the intro to Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in the West”: “You included two coaches too many in this photo…”

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  2. “Poor Graham?” “Thrown into this?” Thrown into what? C’mon, Flow. This kid knows he’s made a significant step UP, unlike your career, even if it is doomed or short-lived. He wasn’t thrown into anything. He made the choice to accept the job at SC. Thrown into the clinic? Maybe, but these are his new duties and he’ll be able to network with other coaches, most more successful than our own. Get over it, Flow, the kid’s happy to be coaching at a big-time program, even though we have yet to see big-time results in long time. I hope Graham infuses some juice into the offense and shits all over Flow’s snark.

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      1. Wolf is not a bad guy, he wants the Trojans to do well just as we all do (with the exception of Just Owns) and there’s nothing wrong with voicing opinion, pointing out the obvious and holding feet to the fire.

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      2. Wolf is our H. L. Mencken —a man who perpetually expects the most out of people (in this case, USC people) and is, therefore, always disappointed. I agree with you that Scott would love to see USC go undefeated in the regular season and, then, win the playoffs —he’s just way too savvy to pretend this is the staff to pull that off. Anyone who listened to Helton make excuses for Callaway and Toa (or listened to him say he couldn’t choose between Browne and Darnold’s skill sets) has to be afraid of what he’s capable of doing to sabotage 2019, even with a first rate Offensive Coordinator to bail him out.

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    1. Hey! Don’t ever say Clay isn’t a tough guy, ok?! Clay is SO tough that when he was asked if a player slapped him around in the locker, he replied “Oh, hee hee, I would be dead if that happened!” [Compare that to Saban’s answer to a question about a possible argument between himself and an assistant: “We don’t have arguments here. I chew ass and they listen”].

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      1. Exactly…from Saban back to Lombardi, no great coach (even the ones portrayed otherwise – e.g. Bill Walsh) has ever acted like Helton does…at USC, people tend to think of McKay as having been the grandfatherly figure with a great sense of humor…this completely distorts what he was actually like, particularly when unhappy with the results…compare Helton’s response to failure (whether the Cotton Bowl against Ohio State, the in South Bend, the embarrassment against Bama, or last season’s collapse, particularly the humiliation against UCLA) as opposed to McKay’s reaction to the 51-0 shellacking against Notre Dame in 1966 (“We will never lost to them again while I’m coach” – and then he went out and ushered in an era where USC would lose to Notre Dame only twice in 16 years)…

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      2. Yep, James! The worst thing Notre Dame could have ever done was continue to throw long at the end of that 51 -0 stunner at the coliseum. McKay wan’t Helton. You didn’t do crap like that to him and get away with it.


      3. Absolutely…or pull the Woody Hayes petulant haughtiness act (while being gifted via fumbles the ’69 Rose Bowl) and not think that he’s not going to keep giving Sam Bam the ball to run up the score the very next chance he got! What would he have done after any of the debacles that have occurred under Helton? It sure as hell(ton) wouldn’t have been “study the film” or utter banalities about “execution” (rather, as Coach McKay would say, when it comes to Clay and execution…)…


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