USC Transfer Talk

USC’s departed wide receivers are still looking for new schools. Josh Imatorbhebhe is looking at Virginia among other schools. One of the schools Trevon Sidney considered is Fresno State. That would be something if he faced USC in his first game at his new school.

5 thoughts on “USC Transfer Talk

    1. Budda,

      Now I gotta hate you for that comment. LOLO. it was my dream to play for USC. It would have been Mckay’s last year and I would have been a freshman if it had happened. Now, in today’s world, I would still want a scholi from SC and I would accept. You play for the school and yourself. Coaching is guidance only. But if you have great coaches then you play for them as well. Good question.

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      1. Puahahahahahahha What were you going to play for Mckay?? Pantie sniffer? A$$ wiper? Puss licker? I know you were a 5 STAR brown noser!! But they were deep at your position that year! You should have just walked on as a pillow biter or fudge packer…. where was your commitment?



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