At Least USC Baseball Is Back

Just a note to USC athletic director Lynn Swann on his golf day.

USC baseball just lost to Grand Canyon, 7-3, in the first game of a doubleheader but already lost the series because the Lopes won the first game Friday night.

The Trojans are 3-6 and have lost 6 of their past 7 games. They have only played home games. I’ve been hearing for three seasons that USC is turning it around in baseball.

UPDATED: USC wins the nightcap, 7-1, to salvage the final game of the series. So the Trojans are now 4-6.

10 thoughts on “At Least USC Baseball Is Back

  1. That was really rotten of you, Scott. I saw the happy headline (“USC Baseball is Back!”) and dove into the article thinking USC had defeated the mighty Grand Canyon Lopes (that’s right —it wouldn’t take much to impress me these days). But, no, you were merely toying with us…..

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      1. Gustin tied for most reps among the linebackers and Cam cane in 4th in vertical which surprised me. Cam made an effort to lose weight for quickness and agility while Porter didn’t look nearly as ripped as before. Seems both went for a more athletic performance today even though they didn’t seem satisfied.


  2. Hey you morons this was about Baseball not guys no longer viable in
    USC sports in any manner. Actually hope they take Hubbs with them out of town sooner the better.


  3. Hey if southern Cal baseball team wins one more game they can match the win total of the southern Cal football program!



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