Isn’t Spring Practice For Competition?

One thing I wonder is why Clay Helton even has a pre-spring depth chart?

He is notorious for not putting out a public depth chart until the first week of the season. So why do one before spring especially when there are three new coaches who have not even seen the players practice?

Isn’t it about competing? So why alienate some of your team by putting out a depth chart? Who deserves to start at cornerback? No one right now because none of them have done anything. That’s the point of spring practice.

Once again, Helton throws a spanner in the works.

13 thoughts on “Isn’t Spring Practice For Competition?

    1. This is where we really part company, pardner! Helton looked around last week….and wisely realized that what the team needs right now is more dissension….

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      1. I don’t think that’s the case of course, Michael. If anything, he might’ve thought it was a motivational tool, which I can understand too. But why? If these guys aren’t competitive enough to fight for a starting spot on their own, what good does a depth chart do? Seems some were either insulted or had their feelings hurt.
        Oh well, don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.


      2. One way or the other, Pudly, Clay is gonna end up with just the people who believe in him the most…..

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      3. Looking in the portal right now, I’m curious as to when some of these guys start getting picked up by other far Grimes, Bolden and Levi were scooped up but Sydney, Imatorbhebhe, Betiku or Ross haven’t been and it appears Godfrey played for a jc. As Terrell Thomas said yesterday if you’re looking for greener grass, try watering it where you’re at.


    2. Don’t fret it’s a temporary feeling. It won’t be long before he writes something that could your foil hat. Besides Helton couldn’t find a spanner wrench on a table full of tools. Maybe a lug wrench from a Ford Aspire, but not a spanner 🔧

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    1. So looking at this picture, you’ll see Liam Jimmons with the offensive line group. So I’m wondering why a secret source hasn’t mentioned this before? Hmmm.


  1. Somebody needs to pick up Baby Huey Helton from his diapers and toss his ass out like the week old stinking pile of garbage that he is. The moron is breeding more resentment and disdain among players. He smokes pole with every stupid decision he makes. Anyone who disagrees with what I’m writing is clueless and you can smoke on this pole too.

    #firegomer #fireswann #exorciseNikias

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