Clay Helton Has A Novel New Idea

USC coach Clay Helton has a new policy.

“We won’t even have a depth chart until the day before each game because players will be competing for playing time on a weekly basis,” Helton said in the spring media guide.

The idea is that players will compete harder and no one will own a starting spot.

But let’s face it: That idea is pervasive because of Helton. He is the one who stubbornly clung to Toa Lobendahn and JT Daniels last season (among others).

Also, this idea of not releasing a depth chart seems kind of cowardly, coming from Helton. It really just gives a coach who hates to offend players one less way to do it.

And if a depth chart is released on Friday to the team, will the public get to see it? All of us might want to know who will start at QB? Or tailback? Or defensive back?

This feels contrived. Somehow, Pete Carroll teams competed with a depth chart released on the Sunday before games.


13 thoughts on “Clay Helton Has A Novel New Idea

  1. Look the poor guy (Helton) knows his days are numbered. He also knows he hasn’t a clue and never shall in how to use the talent he has because he can’t even hire quality coaches to make those talented players into a ‘team’.

    We’re all screwed until this clown is sent packing…it’s a mess and it’s Helton’s mess.

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  2. If the depth chart was released on Sunday before games, was the weeks practice then competition for the following week? In other words, was the competition for this week the week prior? Hmmm. Novel idea.

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    1. Ha! [Your theory makes sense —-but, given the way things are presently being run at USC, IF we instituted the Sunday depth chart this season it would work like this: The “Chart” would be described as having “preparatory efficacy only” —-it would be amended several times during the week —thereby either confusing and/or angering everybody on the team—and would then be finalized by Wanda Austin 3 minutes before kickoff —at which time it would no longer be referred to as a mere chart —-but as the ”depth manifesto”]……..

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      1. Right and right to the point…decision has to be made about future direction of university (in my inexpert musings I’ve compared it to articles I recall reading many years back written in the wake of the Butch Davis years at Miami – speculation then centered on the hiring of Donna Shalala as signifying the U turning the page on that approach to football glory).

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    1. gotroy22 is laser accurate – nothing fundamental is going to change until that ‘Kamila For President’ regional election chairwoman is shown the door.

      BTW Clay Travis was pretty pointed yesterday on PMS after praising both OK and TX schools with their solidity of how bel-air tech ramped it up as the season wore on and that USC can expect a real test end of November 2019 at the Coliseum regardless of Kelly’s aversion of recruiiting.

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    1. James —I hate to admit this in front of you boys but those interviews still bring a little tear to my eyes. I know a lot of folks don’t or can’t appreciate how many good things football represents —-but played the way McKay or Carroll teams played it, it demonstrates all the best qualities imaginable. To see USC come back that way was thrilling. Just as it was thrilling to see USC go long on that 4th and 9 back at South Bend. Those were teams that BELIEVED in themselves AND their coaches….

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  3. Thanks, Scott. I think this is a really, really, REALLY big deal. Timing for releasing depth charts is easily the difference in two or three wins.

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