Pac-12 Bowl Arrangements Are Changing

The Las Vegas Bowl will start having a Pac-12 vs. SEC/Big Ten matchup beginning in 2020, according to Brett McMurphy of Stadium.

The more attractive matchup will coincide with the bowl moving into the new Las Vegas Stadium being built for the Raiders. It will feature the third-or-fourth place Pac-12 team. The SEC and Big Ten teams will each make three appearances under the six-year agreement.

And there will be a Los Angeles Bowl in 2020 at the new stadium in Inglewood, with the bowl getting the first pick from the Mountain West against a Pac-12 team.

This sounds like an attendance loser against USC is the Pac-12 team.

But going to Las Vegas sounds like an attractive option for USC fans if the opponent were someone like LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, etc. In other words, a team USC rarely plays.

11 thoughts on “Pac-12 Bowl Arrangements Are Changing

  1. Finally what looks like sensible decisions by the $4.8 million per year Larry Scott.

    And by that time, hopefully the Trojans won’t even think about the Las Vegas Bowl or the Los Angeles Bowl.

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  2. According to sources Southern cal doesn’t have to worry about being invited to play in the Las Vegas or the LA bowl because respective bowl official will do everything to involve the criminal players and homophobic, racist and bigoted fan base that southern cal is infamous for. They mentioned “pasadena trojan” by name.

    pasadena trOJan, your infamous reputation is known far and wide!



    1. Hey teddie, did you see this list? Just one more where the ruins are where they belong…


      1. Wow Pusley, 8, 11 win bozo seasons in the last 30 years…….BFD/snore! I mean who gives a chite besides your tiny self.

        So Pusley, since the 1st Crosstown rivalry FB game, what FB team holds the record for most consecutive rivalry wins (8)?

        Pusley, in spite of the 8, 11 game bozo win/seasons, how many TD’s have the mighty bozo’s scored vs Alabama in the last five years?



      2. Hey owns, you can cry about all the unimportant crap you want, but who’s ahead in the rivalry since it started? Or since 2000? You ruins are a heap. Nothing you can say will change it.
        BTW, new mock draft has Murray to the Cards…. hahahahaha! Wonder where the rosen one is going and how much the cards have to pay to get rid of him?


      3. Oh, owns, I forgot this one, thought you might like it better.



      1. Ted/Bucket/Miguelito/Yoda etc: what happened Bucket? Have you had some life changing event? You used to post witty little verses over the years. Now, so bitter! Did the Donald’s pounding of your Queen (Hillary) ruin your day? Or your next four years? Just wait until he takes on your new Queen (AOC) a and you socialist/commie shit holes back to the prehistoric ages. Laughing at YOU Bucket…


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