USC Afternoon Notes

Don’t expect too much to be gained from this week’s spring practices. They are in shorts and usually you can’t tell too much.

Former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, who lives in South Orange County, is at practice today.

Defensive end Hunter Echols made light of his situation before practice when he said, “I’m still here, baby.”

Strength coach Aaron Ausmus is at practice in his second day on the job.

UPDATED: Lynn Swann actually made it to practice.

Cornerback Olaijah Griffin did not practice. And he’s supposed to start.

Clay Helton said Velus Jones and Greg Johnson are in the NCAA transfer portal “right now,” which means USC hopes they return to the team.

As USC practices, the baseball team is playing Loyola-Marymount next door at Dedeaux Field. Loyola leads, 7-2, in the fifth inning.

Loyola leads, 10-5, heading to the bottom of the seventh.

Loyola wins, 14-5. What a disaster. USC is 4-7 overall and has played 11 home games.


11 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

    1. Rented Mule – you already know the answer…no, but he was glad enough to show off his three Rose Bowl (winning, I might add…oh, just to ensure we’re on the same page, that’s the game, not the stadium) rings…and maybe talk about those four NFL playoff road victories and two AFC championship games he played in (which is nearly equal – 2 to 3, or 40% for your math-challenged mind) to the combined total of all other Jets quarterbacks in their entire history – ie Namath, Testaverde and O’Brien)…hee-haw…

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  1. Flow…They let you back in? Or is it because the practices are “open to the public?” Still, I figured they’d have your ugly mug all over campus with a banned sign over it.

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  2. Like

  3. Love to see Baseball Coach Hubbs be used as a tackling dummy on the
    football field. He has no business being on the diamond managing. What
    a piece of work he is to keep this position doing absolutely nothing season after season.

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  4. USC baseball season is lost, again. They will finish .500 and will not make the playoffs. Bummer. I have been to four games this season and the SC pitching staff makes the opposing hitters look like all stars. Hubbs does not have a pitching coach.

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