Guess Who Got The Most First-Team Reps?

USC’s first spring practice is over and it appears JT Daniels worked with the first team the most Tuesday.

“I’m a big fan of (the new offense),” Daniels said. “I feel like it plays to the strengths I have.”

The key will be Thursday to see if Clay Helton and Graham Harrell rotate who works with the first team.

24 thoughts on “Guess Who Got The Most First-Team Reps?

  1. Did Harrell say he was being prevented from watching Sears? Is Harrell talking about leaving the team if Sears doesn’t get more snaps? Can Harrell give Sears as many snaps as he wants? What’s the big deal?

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      1. Pudly —Looks like Ripsit Blog won’t be carrying Helton’s post practice pressers anymore —-just bullet form summaries of practice. Smart move by Helton. Why remind fans he’s coach if things go south, right?

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      2. Funny they don’t, 24/7 – rivals – Trojaninsider all still do if you’re interested. They also had player interviews after practice today.
        And Helton did the radio interview too which if you’re really interested you can find here:

        It’s all a bunch of fluff right now anyway. I never trust spring results nor reports.

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  2. Dude, Flow! It’s the first spring practice! Your (negative) infatuation with Daniels is zeroing in on close to your older infatuation: The Baby QB. Scale it back, bud’, it’s early.

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    1. Yes, I think you’re right —-and I think Helton made that commitment to J.T. because he had seen enough of Sears to know that, although Sears had a good arm and quickness, he’d never have command of the playbook.


      1. Michael,

        With all due respect, how could Sears master the play book when Helton and Martin were even more clueless than Sears.

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  3. I don’t care who they start just as long as he’s the one with a hot hand. This BS that you don’t lose your job due to injury is bush league. When Daniels was out both Fink and Sears showed promising moves. (Wow I may have stumbled on to why Helton doesn’t use them -my tablet changed their names to Funk and Seats maybe Helton doesn’t know how to correct that)
    Anyway I was convinced that Daniels was done for the season but Helton stubbornly brought Daniels back. An untrained eye could see Daniels was shell shocked, why couldn’t any coach?

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  4. News still trickling out…Helton started his post-practice presser with a nice nod to Garry P. Still silent over with Flow regarding that. Classless. Helton isn’t the one to bring SC back to national prominance, but at least he still keeps it respectful.

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  5. JT will take more snaps for a simple reason, he is better. There was a competition last year, JT won by all accounts. The other two were so bad in spring that they needed a true freshman to come in and win the job, he did. It’s open again now and will end the same way. JT is just better.

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    1. True, Brumby. In spite of Scott’s best efforts, Sears is not Darnold.

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    2. Brumby,

      Last year is in the past. Harrell is here and he should decide on who will start. If Sears wins out, then he should start. Same with the others.


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