USC Morning Buzz: Will Clay Helton Pick A Starting QB On Fridays?

How will Clay Helton‘s “Friday” depth chart work for the quarterbacks?

The starting quarterback always gets the majority of the snaps in practice. That means you know who is going to start by reps unless a QB is hurt and trying to heal.

Does Helton imply that a quarterback might get 20 percent of the snaps Tuesday-Thursday but then suddenly make a leap because the brain trust liked how he performed in practice more than the starter? Puh-leeze.

Most of the time you know who will start by practice snaps. I doubt it changes with Helton. He simply likes the way it sounds to the public to say he will keep players on their toes during the week.

They don’t really listen to him so I suppose it can’t hurt. But when the depth chart was released on Sunday last season, I doubt many players took it as a guarantee they would start the following Saturday.

But I thought Helton tried to show a tougher demeanor during his press conference Tuesday. No more Mr. Nice Guy!

P.S. I’m including the photo above, which was a moment of exasperation for Helton after I asked him a question at a press conference where I pointed out something he said wasn’t quite true.


10 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Will Clay Helton Pick A Starting QB On Fridays?

  1. Gomer says so much BS that he can’t remember all his lies. Remember when he said SC would be a power running team ? And now they run the air raid, the most unfriendly run oriented offense there is.

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    1. Scott didn’t exactly put it into words —but if you read between the lines, it’s there: Clay is really 2 different people. Clay #1 wants to be liked and says whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear (tougher practices, more runs, fewer penalties, more love, lighter practices, more hugs, etc.) Clay #2 is a petulant brat who gets his feelings hurt when someone asks him a question about all the contradictions in the pronouncements made by Clay #1.

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      1. MG, yes indeed. Helton is trying hard to become the coach that he needs to be, but Helton is who he is. Hoping Harrell can transcend this in terms of the offense.

        And for those who watch the press conference, a shout-out to the old-school fella at the right of the screen, who was taking down notes, word-by-word, on his notepad with his 1960s Dixon-Ticonderoga pencil. Probably the last time one sees that. Wonder what publication he is working for…

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      2. That is Mister Dan Weber, 67 —-and, yes, he’s a straight shooter from the old school who I bet “thinks” much of the stuff Scott writes —-but is too kind and forgiving to say it. But even Dan —and his compatriot, Keely Eure, exhibited varying degrees of disgust as Clay went on his coliseum losing streak to end the 2018 season. [And speaking of Dan and Keely —being consummate professionals they do tend to keep the emotion out of their “instant analysis” segments following practices and games —-but I’m pretty sure they’d increase their viewership by a multiple of one hundred if they’d do the Lady Gaga/Brad Cooper thing —giving each other lots of love eyes throughout. Just a thought].


      3. MG, thanks for the ID on Dan. Definitely old-school!

        By the way, is Scottie going to provide any information on who is throwing well, how Carr looks, how the defense looks…anything? I mean, even just a crumb of information?

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      4. I think what we get from Scott is clever evaluation of what is available on YouTube, mixed with inside tidbits from his Trojan hating friends in the media. The thing about Scott, in my opinion, is that he does way more with his second-hand information than most of the folks who have direct access to Helton and the team do with theirs. [Maybe it’s cuz Scott thinks for himself —-a rarity these days]…..


      5. Ha! Spot on! Scott certainly gets a lot of mileage (or he thinks he does) from those second-hand sources. He might be the Cliff Claven of college sports…

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      6. 67 —Scott will always do what Scott has always done —-twist and contort facts to fit his thesis. It makes for mostly fun reading. [And, should he ever do otherwise, he’d lose his audience —–there’s no shortage of folks who play it straight —I’m sure Scott figures we don’t need one more]……


  2. Classic Scotty non-journalist move… posting a picture from several years ago to make it seem like he’s actually able to attend practice or even ask questions himself….
    I get the criticism of Clay, his staff, and the program. A 5-7 record deserves that. But the pettiness and constant negativity, coupled with Scotty-boy’s fake insight is pathetic. Scott, here’s a novel idea, try being a fair journalist (negative and positive, tell it like it is) and maybe re-apply for your credential. Maybe you can achieve a bigger platform than your knock off 247 site….

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    1. well said Trojan Head. Wolf is the laziest journalist on the planet. In fact, he shouldn’t even be called a journalist. He is a head line writer much like that of the National Enquirer. Negative sensationalism with NO in depth material or reporting.

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