Happy Birthday Lynn Swann!

Today is Lynn Swann’s birthday. Let’s imagine how he might spend his dream day.

  • Early round of golf.
  • Lunch at Wilshire Country Club (no autographs).
  • Late round of golf.
  • Offend USC fans with statement proclaiming he knows better than you.
  • Ignore interview requests from media.
  • Wait for phone call from former teammates wishing him happy birthday (crickets chirping).
  • Move season tickets of more long-time fans.
  • Offend donors for no reason.
  • Practice at golf simulator at Heritage Hall.
  • Congratulate Clay Helton on another year on job during football practice (no autographs).
  • Call Andy Enfield in Utah and pretend he will lead team to NCAA Tournament.
  • Watch baseball team lose to Grand Canyon or LMU at Dedeaux Field (no autographs).
  • Call Steelers great Franco Harris, who also celebrates his birthday today (no answer).
  • Congratulate self for successful football, basketball and baseball teams.
  • Pick up pay check for job well done.

30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lynn Swann!

      1. MG,
        While you are relaxing at the Seven Pools of Hana with an adult beverage, I’m busy taking care of my animals & keeping ahead of the storms.
        Time is precious. However, when you get a few minutes…read up on the background of the CAL AD, Jim Knowlton. Tell me you wouldn’t trade him straight up for your HOF Swann.


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      2. Cal75 —- I’ve followed Jim’s career —-and, of course, I’d prefer him to Swann —but there is no way in hell he would ever be appointed A.D. at USC —-he’s a M-A-N spelled with all capital letters, not a placeholder. And, yes, Wilcox (with Harrell as O.C.) would be dynamite.


      3. MG, the white Algonquin J. Calhoun!

        Andrew ‘Andy’ Hogg Brown:
        [trying to get to the bottom of Kingfish’s latest scheme] Calhoun, are you gonna tell me the truth about this, or ain’t you?

        Andy, how you go ask? This ain’t none of my business! A deal like this is strictly a matter between the gypee and the gypor!


    1. It actually should read, “He has to be golfing somewhere today”. He is not able to go and get, or “got”.


      1. Mule
        Fucla is easy to graduate from & has more low income SJW. Read the methodology behind the ranking you illiterate airhead.


  1. The golf posts is why Mr. Wolf has a reputation of being unprofessional.

    If he truly had inside info to share, he would know it is Steve Lopes who is meddling into and dictating the football program from above. Mr. Swann is simply the figurehead A.D. who is letting the underlings make the moves.


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  2. My question is, has anyone missed him? SC hasn’t, Helton hasn’t, nor the fans have missed him. His new title will be. “The Absent AD, Mr. Lynn Swann”.


  3. Sad news for MLB HOFer and Trojan legend…

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    1. I talked to a teammate of his on Sunday and he said that Mr. Seaver was one of the good ones, he is a very nice man and that he could play baseball. That is a shame.

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    2. That is a real bummer. When he was at USC he was the best pitcher I ever saw. Three time Cy Young winner. Nice that he has his vineyard in Napa to ride it out in. Very nice wife as well.

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      1. I wasn’t fortunate enough to see him pitch in the C&G, must’ve been something. I do remember Anthony Munoz throwing darts though…


  4. Yo the berkeley terd whines loudly:

    Fucla is easy to graduate from & has more low income SJW. Read the methodology behind the ranking you illiterate airhead.”


    What’s your snivel, snivel, snivel have to do with berkey being the #2 public US public University? Truth hurt’s doesn’t it 86.

    Pop quiz 86:

    What Basketball team sits at the bottom of the Pac-12 conf. with a 2 – 14 record. It isn’t the #1 public University.


  5. keep pounding the body, wolfman, Swannie is already gassed, mouth open, leaning back on ropes….



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