Can A Coach Change?

Clay Helton is acting sterner at practices and with the media.

That is not really how he is, obviously, but he means business.

The problem is players can detect falseness. Helton himself has frequently talked about being who you are with the players.

So will they respond to a harsher, meaner Helton?

I think many of them have already tuned him out so the impact of his new persona will be minimal. But maybe it’s a Hail Mary for him in what might be his final year.

18 thoughts on “Can A Coach Change?

  1. Helton knows his job is on the line, and he knows that whether he is here for more than this year, or he has to go somewhere else in a year, that he must have a team that (1) doesn’t make undisciplined mistakes, and (2) that is entertaining to watch.

    Reason (2) is why he first hired Kingsbury, and then Harrell, and why he is getting out of Harrell’s way. Offense sells.

    As far as turning around the discipline issues, he will need help…

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    1. In a way, it’s chicken shit to pick on Helton —-the poor guy is (valiantly) fighting for his life. He loves being the Head Coach and it’s gonna hurt him a lot to leave this gig. I really and truly feel for him. But, Trojan die- hards, we’re talking about the future of a team I love —- so please forgive the following observation. No way would you EVER in a million years hear Meyer or Carroll or Saban walking around the practice field yelling “I’m the Coach —you call me “Coach!” And they wouldn’t say it because they WOULDN’T NEED TO SAY IT. It’s not his fault, but the very hard working Helton lacks Head Coach Magic. It’s a kinda crappy law of the universe that you can’t just say “from now on I am going to be a New Exciting Person!” (i.e., Helton can’t declare “I’m now your charismatic leader, & from now on you’ll think of & address me as Charismatic Leader!”). The best thing Helton can do is reduce his profile as much as possible and let Harrell do whatever he thinks he needs to do to get things on track. We’ve already seen what Helton can do —-and all the new personas in the fricking world won’t change that one iota.

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      1. MG, yes it is – like shooting fish in a barrel. I think he knows that his interest is served by trying to get out of the way, while making it look like he is not getting out of the way.

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      2. Honestly, I am torn, Michael. I want Trojan football to be where it belongs, but am not sure Helton can do it (last year was painful to watch- like no other in a long time). I dont want to sacrifice a season for the sake of the Seniors, but know that it might be a necessary evil to go through. I want to beat UCLA, but dont want them to be terrible against everyone else- even if just for Owns sake. Torn. Torn. Torn.

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    2. 67 —If only Swann could just memorialize that in a memo —“Clay: your assignment for 2019 —stay outta the way while appearing to be involved.”


  2. Scooter, they way I understood your comment was, could a coach change jobs or positions at anytime. Please be clear with your head line.


    1. Pudly, you are significantly more inside than the blogger.

      For real, with all he does to burn bridges, he can’t really be around program. I don’t know if it is the case, but if I were part of the program I would not give him the time of day unless diteected to do so.

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      1. He’s going to school at a local juco and when he finishes the semester he can transfer without sitting out. Unless SC would immediately waive his suspension, there’s no chance of his return. He was just visiting friends yesterday.


  3. wolfman, history has taught us that when the trOXans start to implode, you RISE above the fray like a majestic Phoenix!!! takin’ your game to a whole ‘nother LEVEL, wolfman!!!

    i’ll give the trOXans one thing: they are the most corrupt university in US history, but man do these coaches ENTERTAIN!! from Carroll blowing the Narry agin’ Texas, to Kiff and his hoodie, Sark and his boozing, Ogeron and his brutish ways, not genteel enough for Haden’s finger samich and tea parties….what a crew!!! and now the hapless Hell-TON! it is me, or is this his tenth season??



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