USC Target Decommits From Oklahoma

Mater Dei cornerback Darion Green-Warren‏ announced today he was no longer committed to Oklahoma.

I would not immediately read any of this as being related to USC given how poor a job the Trojans have done recruiting local prospects. And you might read on some fan sites that new defensive backs coach Greg Burns is yelling or being demonstrative at practices but he wasn’t known for his recruiting prowess at USC in his first tenure.

Still, it does give USC an opening. Especially with a new head coach.



8 thoughts on “USC Target Decommits From Oklahoma

  1. He decommited after getting a Georgia offer, and after visiting Clemson. This must be the reason why Scottie is saying “I would not immediately read any of this being related to USC”.

    There is more often than not a relevant side story that doesn’t get told…

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  2. At the very least a great photo from better days (shutting out the SwitzBone in Norman…of course, Marcus Dupree wasn’t being allowed stage time yet, but let’s not quibble)…

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  3. I really don’t think the word of a high school student is worth holding your breath over. Having worked with students at that age for almost two decades, I can say their words are more hollow than ever. We always just a snarky tweet away from landing the next big recruit and then losing the kid on the next wind.

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  4. If the Wolfman said it it must be true! You rah rahs are lucky that you have the absolute stud of a beat writer that provides with up to the minute news regarding southern cal sport news!

    Y’all need to bow down and create a shrine to the greatness that is the Wolf!



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