Clay Helton Doing Less Media

Clay Helton has a new policy where he only speak to the media after Saturday practices during the spring. He also spoke at the first practice, which means he is available for 6 of the 15 spring practices.

This is unprecedented at USC, where coaches are accessible. Even Lane Kiffin spoke after practices unless he happened to get mad at something someone asked.

Why would the new, sterner Helton speak less?

Maybe he just doesn’t like the scrutiny after going 5-7 and knowing he might have some explaining to do although the questions are generally pretty soft after as spring workout.

It signifies he can’t take the heat. Big surprise, I know.

And his athletic director doesn’t care so it’s all good.

Why does it matter? Because the media is pretty much the only chance to hold a coach accountable or offer a conduit for the fans, who deserve someone to ask questions.


13 thoughts on “Clay Helton Doing Less Media

  1. I actually think it’s smart for Clay to cut down his access to the press. It’s always been a ‘no win’ for him. If he holds a presser, being a gentleman, he’s gonna want to answer all criticism thoughtfully and politely…and with a smile. But that gentlemanly treatment is not going to be returned (face to face, maybe —-but not in columns or podcasts). So Clay probably feels “I either win all my games —in which case nothing anyone says can hurt me ——or I go on a losing streak —in which case nothing anybody says is gonna save me. Why bother holding pressers? I should be game prepping!”

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    1. Michael, thoughtfully? I wouldn’t say that Helton was giving a thoughtful answer when he said that he wouldn’t replace Toa at center because “he’s the love of my life”. Also, how about when he called his team “warriors” after a lackluster loss? Or when he said, “I can’t wait for everyone to see this team in November”? The guy isn’t smart.

      It’s all just as well that Helton’s not having more press conferences because he’s today’s equivalent of Baghdad Bob.

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    2. Memo to Mickey G, Esq., of Algonquin, J., Calhoun

      ***Counselor, please explain the difference betwixt

      “I actually think” and I think.

      Does the use of “actually” imply extra thinking on your part or does “actually” imply more than just the simple colloquial “I think.”

      I understand if you write for a penny a word, adjectives and adverbs are a writer’s best friend. However, if you’re not writing for loot, then to say “I actually think” implies you are not thinking – and that certainly applies to you Mickey G.

      Mickey, your Enquish stinks of a lack of a dictionary to hand. I say this because I actually think your phrase “I actually think” s/b I feel.

      I feel your crummy paragraph is an overblown ode to mouthing off in rudimentary Enquish, for which, you deserve an F for your lackadaisical travail.



      1. Owns —I consider everybody on this site a buddy. When a buddy writes something as tortured as the above all I can say is ‘sorry if something I —or somebody you associate with me —said something that hurt your feelings.’


  2. With as much sewage coming down the pipe that Helton has earned, he would be smart to keep his face away from the opening. I don’t know of anyone who thinks he is competent as a coach. Unfortunately he is caught between a rock and a tackling dummy. Nobody is going to offer him a job in coaching unless Saban wants to rehab another USC has been. He might have some luck with Kiffin or Tyson Helton but his options are really limited. So SC is stuck with him until the end of his contract, he is also is stuck at SC until he proves he can win.
    Getting in front a crowd of writers who all know more about football than he does is not a smart move.

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  3. wolfman, this is a sure sign you’re getting to Hell-TON. same thing happened when you drove Kiff to the edge and he threw you out of practice, then had to apologize to the wolfman in front of the nation’s media (ouch!).


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  4. Mickey G.

    “Owns —I consider everybody on this site a buddy. When a buddy writes something as tortured as the above all I can say is ‘sorry if something I —or somebody you associate with me —said something that hurt your feelings.’ ”

    Tortured: the definition of SUCCX FB and those who snivel constantly that bozo FB is elite.


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