A USC Over/Under That Will Get You Talking

One of the first season-win totals has been released by Adam Burns, the sports book manager of BetOnline.ag.

USC’s total is 8.5.

Colin Cowherd, the USC super fan, already said to take the under.

The way some fans/over-the-hill pundits are fawning over Graham Harrell, maybe 8.5 is pretty reasonable.

If you just breeze through the schedule on a cursory glance, you could say USC will lose at Washington and Notre Dame and might lose to Oregon at the Coliseum. That gets you 9 wins. So USC can’t lose to Fresno State, Stanford, BYU, Utah, UCLA or anyone else. There.

UPDATED: The line has already dropped to 7.5.

The USC fans couldn’t wait to bet, obviously.

Link here

22 thoughts on “A USC Over/Under That Will Get You Talking

  1. Thanks a lot, Scott—- Your cynicism dropped USC’s over/under a whole game in 2 minutes.


    1. In other words, Harrell has no use for RB’s in his Air Raid offense system.

      I guess that means the FB position will now be completely irrelevant at USC.

      And save the, “but, but, but…there will be a lot of screen passes that will be a big part of the offense” business.

      Harrell’s offense is based on getting the ball out quickly which means defenses will be teeing off and being physical with Trojan receivers at the line of scrimmage which will disrupt timing and routes.

      Gawd knows we have seen how much trouble Trojan receivers have had trying to fight through defenses that pressure them at the line of scrimmage.

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      1. TE’s…USC has no use for TE’s either.

        Helton Humper’s believe high school offenses should dictate what type of offense major D1 football programs they should run.

        I guess these Helton Humper’s are unaware that NFL teams utilize the FB position extensively.

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      2. Scott,
        9 guys, 8 of which are projected to be undrafted. Shows the importance NFL teams place on the position, they won’t draft one.

        Sorry dude, I’m done. You are living in the past.

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    2. Scott I mean Tebow,
      Extensively? There are many nfl teams who do not even have a fullback on the roster. The teams that use them the most, use them 1/3 of the snaps. The best fullback in the league had 350 total yards from scrimmage. It may not be a dead position, but it’s close. Sorry, that argument doesn’t hold water.

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      1. Getting back to CFB, go tell Nick Saban how unimportant the FB pisition has become, I venture he will beg to differ.

        So will most teams in the SEC, SEC teams that have been dominating CFB since after Pete Carroll left USC.

        Oh, those Pete Carroll era Trojans utilized the FB & TE positions “extensively”.

        Heap all the praise you want on the gimmicky offenses you want, neither Kiffin, Sarkisian or Helton have come close to winning on the level Carroll did when he was at USC while the aforementioned Three Stooges called the shots as head coaches.

        And before you go claiming that Kiffin and Sarkisian when they shared play calling duties after Chow left had more offensive production than Norm Chow offenses, know this, when those two Bozos Kiffin and Sarkisian were calling plays for the Trojans and Matt Leinart was QB, Leinart audibled out of 85% of the plays that were sent into him by those two Bozos…Leinart had a total grasp of Chow’s playbook and took it upon himself to run the offense as he saw fit…without objection from Pete Carroll.

        Ever wonder why Pete Carroll never offered Kiffin ir Sarkisian a job on his Seahawks staff? It was because Kiffin and Sarkisian butchered Chow’s playbook and turned it into the garbage gimmicky offense that you Helton Humpers love to praise even though it has produced squat as far as results in terms of winning at a high level consistently.

        Spare me the Kiffin and Sarkisian had success at Alabama bullshit because a monkey could have called plays and had success with the amount of talent those Tide teams had.

        Here’s a reminder of what the FB & TE will do for a team when utilized properly…

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      2. Alabama uses a single back offense along with almost every team in the SEC. They only use a “fullback” which is just a 2nd tailback or O lineman in short yardage situations. Again, your argument is outdated.

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      3. LOL!

        Alabama primarily used a single back set against your overmatched beloved Clay Helton’s defensive strategy because they didn’t need to use a FB.

        When Alabama plays against competent coaching and they need a power running game they use a FB.


      4. Scott shows highlight reel with a whole bunch of single back sets. “See all the fullbacks?” Sorry guy, those extra guys on the ends are tight ends.

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  2. Based on the first 6 games it is easy to see a 2-4 start. So iwould take the under on 8.5. As much as there is talk of change at USC much is the same

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  3. Helton’s spread offense worked wonders last season 5-7.

    Do you think J.T. Daniels would have appreciated having a FB and TE in the games to help block for an offensive line that wasn’t coached up worth a crap?

    Sure, Daniels had his choice of 4 WR’s to throw to, if only he had time to throw to them while he was upright instead of trying to throw while being knocked on his ass and having to throw hail mary’s every other pass play.

    Maybe that’s why teams from all around CFB and the NFL are lining up, clamoring to see who will win the sweepstakes for Clay Helton’s coaching services, the offers are pouring in.


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  4. These Helton Humper’s living off the past 9 years with the same crap spread offense…desperately hoping one if these days it will produce.

    The one year they love to point to as successful, the year Darnold, not Clay, led them to a Rose Bowl victory. Darnold improvising on the fly having to escape the collapsing pocket of Helton’s spread offense that he learned from Kiffin and Sarkisian.

    Word must have gotten back to Ryan Abraham that his boy Helton was being overly critiqued on this site and Helton Humping Ryan Abraham thought he would send some of his flunkies over to try and squelch the criticism of Errand Boy Clay Helton.

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