Is USC Going To Pull Off The Trifecta?

USC went 5-7 in football.

USC is 15-16 in basketball.

USC is 5-9 in baseball.

Can the Trojans pull off a hat trick and have losing seasons in the Big 3 sports?

Don’t forget Lynn Swann gave contract extensions to Clay Helton and Andy Enfield through 2023.

Also do not forget the Pac-12 was awful in football and basketball when Helton and Enfield struggled. The Pac-12 is not awful in baseball so Dan Hubbs will have to really step up to have a winning record.

Basketball is not finished, though. If the NIT takes USC, it might be able to pull off a winning record.

Swann is doing a bang-up job though.

Maybe he thinks a program performing “under par” is a good thing.


28 thoughts on “Is USC Going To Pull Off The Trifecta?

  1. Scott you said it all about the big three in Men sports. Volleyball
    can be added to that list. Tennis ranked 19th , Smith sitting on his
    past laurels with Steve Johnson the real winner 4 times. Track &
    Field has some stars, but not enough for a title . Golf nada with too
    many chokes when chances at the top. Swimming has been 40 yrs.
    since the glory days of Peter Daland. Water Polo is where it is right
    now, what a farce with the USC Athletic Dept.!

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    1. All true, steve B. We need a real Athletic Director to light a fire under these underperforming coaches. This thing could be turned around in a hurry if we got the right person in that job.

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      1. Some of the best college players at their position at in Leinart and Williams. National Champs who were just a complete juggernaut. How about Herschel Dennis at RB. Sam Bam is perhaps the Jackie Robinson of College Foosball.


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  2. How this for a trifecta? Whiny posts, uninformative journalism, and stalker/dirty old-man tendencies.


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  3. Not at all. To see Leinart stand in the pocket and have so much confidence in his offensive line to where he wasn’t the least bit worried that Auburn would get to him…was really something to see.

    Not just that game, but throughout his entire Trojan career, Leinart would stand in the pocket knowing his offensive line was going to protect him…no worries.

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      1. tebow —great stuff. Thanks so much. Hope I get a chance to see one of our guys hit a Notre Dame quarterback like that again someday. Or catch a pass that really matters in a game that really matters again someday.

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  4. At least there’s this…and for those in the Apologist camp, mark the quotes at the end…very reminiscent of the “Can’t wait until November” bumbling, stumbling buffoonery of last fall…but given the amount of flotsam and jetsam in the swirl at the moment, probably will get lost again…


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